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As countries begin to implement counselling interventions, it is important that evaluations of the interventions document women's experiences, perceptions, and feelings about the outcomes, alongside measuring the impact on health outcomes: http://ow.ly/dVri50wOzWJ

#BachelorinParadise has had loads of drama—and also legit love stories. Here’s a look at some of the couples that are still together.

Glad to announce that the Department of Pathology, Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre is awarded "Exemplary Services Award" for making #PathologyEducation learning more enjoyable and less challenging.

#BMCHRC #CancerHospital #CancerTreatment #CancerAwareness

In conclusion, the present meta‐analysis indicated that COCs (combined oral contraceptives) containing certain progestins could confer an increased risk of VTE compared with COCs containing levonorgestrel: http://ow.ly/6eUI50wOzPx
#MostCited #VTE

Issues affecting #WomensHealth are pervasive & urgent, that’s why @WCHospital launched our #HealthGaps campaign 3 yrs ago to raise awareness & discussion. See http://www.thehealthgap.ca for more info. #CdnHealth

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