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COVID‐19 and violence against women are interrelated pandemics. Measures to ensure that policies address violence against women in a comprehensive and integrated fashion are critical: http://ow.ly/10L350AG5cH

Coming for an in-person appointment at WCH? Here’s what you need to know for coming into the hospital: https://bit.ly/30n2gsa #COVID19Toronto #Healthcare

During the COVID‐19 pandemic, the use of hysteroscopy should be limited to specific, urgent pathologies in order to avoid a deleterious impact on healthcare services: http://ow.ly/PTFs50AG5ba

Find out how we are leveraging #DigitalHealth tools and programs to ensure care is accessible and responsive: https://bit.ly/2XUMx1t #WomensVirtual

Our September 2020 issue is live!
Free-to-read features include:
* The impact of COVID‐19 on services for people affected by sexual and gender‐based violence
* Guidance for gynecologists utilizing telemedicine during COVID‐19 pandemic
* & more!

If you are symptomatic, asymptomatic but concerned about exposure to known or potential cases, or asymptomatic and have risk from exposure in line of duty, register online for a fast-track COVID-19 assessment at WCH: https://bit.ly/2ytsWMh

COVID‐19 does not respect borders and our efforts should not be restricted to our own locations. More than ever before, we must work in networks, as a unified team: http://ow.ly/ha9X50AG59u

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in prevalence of perinatal anxiety and depression among Sri Lankan pregnant women with no proven/known COVID-19 infection: http://ow.ly/vSPb50AQh0F

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