Researchers have identified a protein called CD24 that may be a new target for cancer #immunotherapy: #CancerCurrents @amirabarkal

How a small gesture of support by nurse L.J. Boholst made a lasting impression on Jacquiela Dorsey during #pancreaticcancer treatment: #CancerMoonshot #endcancer

Thank you to Aidan Fowler, @aidanfowler1000 the national director for patient safety, who visited #UCLH as part of World Patient Safety. Day. #worldpatientsafetyday. @ptsafetyNHS

Looking forward to talking about #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality #XR clinical trial design @NMHIC_CU #VR & Behavioral Healthcare Symposium on October 7th. Check out the great speakers tagged and several more coming to the event

Some women with endometrial cancer may be able to receive less intensive treatment—chemotherapy and no radiation—without increasing the risk of the disease recurring within 5 years:

#AWorldatRisk: The world is not prepared for a fast-moving global respiratory #pandemic that could kill up to 80 million people, devastate economies and create social chaos: Global Preparedness Monitoring Board's first report

Ensuring you and your children are vaccinated against #measles before travel is vital. Learn more from Dr. Nipunie Rajapakse, a pediatric infectious diseases specialist, in #InfectiousDiseases A-Z.

According to new CDC data, #HPV vaccine can prevent an estimated 92% of cancers caused by HPV virus. Read more from @CDCMMWR:

Ending Day 1 of #AllyCon with a 'Totally Awesome 80s Party' with our allies! Stay tuned for pics! #ColorectalCancer #Conference #Boston

Due to a fire at 77 Grenville St. the Women’s College Hospital Environmental Health and Foot Care Clinics will be cancelled on Wednesday, September 18. Family Practice will remain open and see patients as regularly scheduled.

What made you want to become a pelvic floor #PhysicalTherapist? "Men & women face a variety of pelvic floor conditions as they age. Some even avoid talking about it with their medical providers. I wanted to break the taboo nature of the discussion" - Denise Tortora, MSPT, WCS.

Dr. @sophia_kamran and her team from the Mass General Cancer Center present a study on the prospective validation of SNPs as predictors of rectal toxicity following #radiation therapy for #prostatecancer #ASTRO19

Lorraine Drapek, DNP, and other Mass General Cancer Center doctors, have a poster on display that mimics her talk this morning about sexual health in women who received pelvic radiation #ASTRO19

"I want to make sure no other family has to experience what we experienced." At just 3 months old, both of The Breyfogles' twins were diagnosed with acute myeloid #leukemia (#AML). Their story is one of heartbreak & inspirational resolve. ❤️ Learn more:

Caroline was pursuing her master's when her life was turned upside down. A spinal tap showed increased pressure in her head due to cerebrospinal fluid build-up. See how #NYP & @WeillCornell's Brain & Spine Center allowed her to return to her education:

Did you know, children with asthma can have poorer quality of sleep? Coughing causes awakenings throughout the night so the child does not feel refreshed and well rested in the morning.

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