Huge thank you to @dylanblackradio @boomottawa for the @YukYuksOttawa tickets. Great time with friends and @ifyouseekjesse rocked! 👏🏽

Cancer-battling, gut-friendly, energy-boosting, heart-healthy, & belly-shrinking—lentils are a dietary force to be reckoned with.
The right kind of 🥣—loaded with veggies & fiber—can play a big role in your diet. Add bloat-blasting 🍅.

Good times @TheCrownNetflix season 3 Premiere event in #Hollywood ! Great convo with @JohnLithgow and the Legendary Peter Morgan—great show! Thanks @netflix as always for having me! #Netflix #TheCrown #Hollywood #TV #Queen #UK

This smoothie is so good, it's worth getting a brain freeze over! Tell me what your favorite smoothie combination is in the comments below.

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You're welcome! Yes - Enjoying the weekend relaxing 🙂 @elisatalk: Thank you so much for sharing, Sarah! Hope all is well with you!

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