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In a randomized trial in 700 mechanically ventilated ICU patients, 90 day mortality was not different between no sedation compared to arousable sedation. There was a low rate of thromboembolic events but they were more numerous in the sedated group. #CCC49

Consider herpes vegetans in the differential of anogenital lesions given the wide array of clinical mimicry and late-stage recalcitrance to therapy

A 54-year-old woman presented with progressively worsening gait disturbance. Physical examination revealed persistent leg extension on stimulation of the patellar tendon, shown in a video. A diagnosis of Huntington’s disease was made.

A 32-day-old male infant was evaluated for suspected abusive head trauma. The patient’s mother called emergency medical services and reported that the patient had fallen off a bed; the baby had not lost consciousness and was behaving normally.

In a randomized trial in patients at high bleeding risk, PCI with polymer-based zotarolimus-eluting stents followed by one month of dual antiplatelet therapy was non-inferior to PCI with polymer-free drug-coated stents for safety and effectiveness composite outcomes.

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