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I imagine men herding the Jews of Vilna
into this ghetto, where I encounter
a life-size rabbi painted decades later
on the fractured wall of a building
across the square from where I stand,
shivering in a harsh October drizzle

An analysis of insurance claim data showed that children 2 to 5 years old with birthdays in September through December were more likely to receive influenza vaccination and less likely to have influenza than those with birthdays earlier in the year, before a vaccine is available.

Martin Roland, DM, discusses opportunities for using socially oriented interventions when illnesses are influenced by social circumstances. @ProfRoland

A 47-year-old man presented with numerous pigmented lesions on the nail beds, penis, and oral mucosa. Biopsy confirmed a diagnosis of mucosal and ungual melanoma metastases.

Healthcare providers working in the arena of reproductive health care have an obligation to consider not only the medical ethical considerations inherent to their work, but also human rights law standards relevant to reproductive rights:

Degeneration of the elements of the cervical spine, which is almost inevitable with age, results in nerve-root and spinal cord compression and pain. Physical tests and imaging aid in determining the source of disability. Surgical and conservative treatments are available.

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