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Niushen Zhang, Tommy Lik Hang Chen, @RobertPCowan share their experience of developing an almost virtual #headache medicine fellowship program in response to the #COVID19 #pandemic #MedEd

Christopher Y. Chow, Nathan Harrison, & Olga P. Fermo share the 1st reported case of #headache secondary to spontaneous intracranial hypotension (#SIH) presenting as hemifacial spasm #spinalCSFleak #becauseyourduramaters

Maria A. Ruiz Yanzi, Maria T. Goicochea, Florencia Yorio, Lucas Alessandro, @DrMauricioFarez & Mariano Marrodan share their experience of using IV chlorpromazine for chronic #migraine, medication overuse #headache.

Never forget that contraceptive and family planning services and supplies are core components of essential health services, and access to these services remains a fundamental human right, now and in the future:
#WorldContraceptionDay #familyplanning

Globally, 225 million women need contraception. Birth spacing reduces perinatal and maternal morbidity and mortality. PPIUD is cost‐effective and reversible with minimal expulsions and complications:

Updated quality measures for outpatient #headache care provided by @mrobbinsmd @CalliCookNP @NatSchusterMD @SengElizabeth et al in a Quality Improvement collaboration with @GreenJournal

A practical medical transfer packet for care transition of the pediatric patient with #headache or #migraine developed by @SerenaLOrr @aagelfand @sammyirwin @DrHopeMO @brainchildmd @RRaoMD @HersheyAndrew et al

In this letter, the investigators report that saliva specimens and nasopharyngeal swab specimens had similar sensitivity in the detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in both symptomatic and asymptomatic persons.

Matthew Fiedler discusses disagreement about the role of government in health insurance and health care in the United States.

Two recent scientific reports implicate the sestrin proteins in protecting against muscle atrophy, which occurs in old age and with disuse, denervation, and systemic inflammatory catabolic states.

Hospitalist Tinatin Narsia MD volunteered to travel to Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi during the height of the pandemic to help with their COVID-19 efforts, read more #womeninmedicine #SheLeadsHealthCare | WPSA Profile Series -

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