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Take your shake to the next level with this mocha protein shake recipe

3 easy ways to transform HIIT for improved fat-burn

#SundayMorning read: Larotrectinib Demonstrates Durable Response for TRK Fusion & Rare Cancers #cancertreatment

8 seriously cool trainers to buy this month. Including Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and more

Why do you get morning wood? There's actually a scientific reason

Chris Evans reveals how he copes with anxiety and depression

University professors’ beliefs that their students’ intelligence is fixed, as opposed to capable of growth, contribute to a racial achievement gap in STEM courses, a new study suggests.

STEM professors’ beliefs on intelligence may widen the racial

Seeing intelligence as fixed can result in lower grades, especially for certain minorities

11 essential personal hygiene tips, courtesy of Reddit. If any of these sound familiar, fix it ASAP

From @NYTOpinion: More than 30 percent of adults report that they don’t get enough sleep, and the use of sleeping pills, which can have harmful effects on cognition and everyday functioning, is rampant. Could these scientists have found a solution?

Opinion | The Neuroscience of ‘Rock-a-Bye Baby’

A new study shows it works for adult sleep, too.

According to a top Hollywood PT, these are 5 six-pack myths you should ignore

Every training goal ultimately starts with nutrition, which is why you need our ultimate guide to meal prep

Alex Honnold scales mountain cliffs without a rope or harness. We take a look at how and why? #FreeSolo

How to cut 600 calories, quickly and safely

Apparently, this is what the ideal male body type looks like. Want to know if you make the grade? Read on

Do you need to train your abs separately to see your six-pack? We have the answer

All amateur footballers should take advantage of this football gym workout. You'll become stronger, leaner and faster if you do

Is excessive sweating a sign you're out of shape? We looked at the science

Jason Statham swears by this 'Big Five-55' routine. Who are we to argue?

Our writer did 30 burpees every day for 15 days. Here's why you should consider doing the same

What is quiet running? And can it really transform your training?

Can you really lose 10lbs in one week on the military diet?

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