The temperature in a car rises rapidly in the first 30 minutes, learn more about the dangers of leaving your child in the car alone here →

Questions about #esketamine, the new treatment for hard-to-treat #depression? Dr. Jennifer Vande Voort, a psychiatrist, replies in this #MayoClinicQandA.

Ellen Galinsky, Chief Science Officer at @BezosFoundation helped create a program in collaboration with Dr. Carrie Quinn, Executive Director of the Mount Sinai Parenting Center, to teach #pediatricians what to do in a patient visit to promote #ChildDevelopment. #AspenIdeas

Ocular #melanoma survivor Britta Fortson explains how an #immunotherapy clinical trial and @DrSapnaPatel gave her hope. #CancerMoonshot #endcancer

Men don't have to sit on the sidelines when it comes to menopause. #NYP Westchester's Dr. Sharon Parish talks with @ABSCBNNews on how men can help their female partners through the menopausal transition:

.@bikeVeloSano is this weekend. Take a walk with @BrianBolwellMD to see how the money raised goes to lifesaving cancer research.

Kidney failure, also called renal failure, is known as a “silent killer.” But there are signs to watch out for:

The pancreas has two main functions—to make insulin to keep blood sugars within target levels, and to make enzymes to aid in digestion. Pancreatitis occurs when the enzymes damage the pancreas, resulting in inflammation.

“Greg was relieved to know that there were other kids going through the same thing he was going through,” says Luz Giraldo of her son attending MD Anderson’s Camp Star Trails, a summer camp for @KidsAndCancer patients and siblings: @CampforAll #endcancer

Angel, 8, with CHLA's Radiology team at the third annual Butterfly Clinic, learns how an MRI machine works by placing his favorite animals into the "donut" scanner to see on screen how the animal is scanned.

After experiencing #AtrialFibrillation (#AFib), an irregular and often rapid heart rate, patients may wonder about exercise. Share your input on #MayoClinicConnect.

#AAIC19 Using data from the Alzheimer’s Disease Connectome Project, Nagesh Adluru examined white matter / gray matter differences in healthy and cognitively impaired participants. Visit his poster today to learn what he found, South Hall GH P2-335. @WisconsinADRC @WAI_Alzheimers

It’s prime time to help the kids of St. Jude! When you shop @amazonsmile for Prime Day, Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase price to support the lifesaving mission of St. Jude! To get started, visit:

Dr. Michael Brodman, Chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Services at @MountSinaiNYC, will be judging projects that enhance women's healthcare & patient safety at @ACOG's Annual District II Meeting! Submission Deadline: July 26:

CAR T-Cell therapies have shown great results in curing #bloodcancers, but there has been less success for solid tumors. Read to see if experts think CAR T-Cell therapy will ever have the same success in #solidtumors as in blood cancers: @ProtoMagazine

Two recent studies report that gum disease may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily, be sure to get regular dental checkups—typically two visits a year.

Even 2-3 year olds can do chores. Start by having them do something simple—throw away diapers, pick up toys or fold clean washcloths!

Shopping on #PrimeDay? Help raise money while you shop by going to and selecting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta as your charity of choice. Thanks for helping us serve Georgia's kids!

#AAIC19 Learn how informal #caregivers describe and contextualize behavioral changes in the people they care for in @GilmoreLabUW’s poster, South Hall GH P2-516. #cogaging @CAREatUW @UWNursing @andrealgilmore @WisconsinADRC @WAI_Alzheimers

#StressUrinaryIncontinence is common among middle-aged women, and 200,000 U.S. women annually have surgical treatments to address it. A new study by Mayo Clinic researchers looks at the two most common surgeries. @WHMayoClinic

.@wchwihv is looking for healthcare providers to take part in a 10 minute #survey on the Digital Health Drug Repository:

Did you know #Americans pay two to six times more than the rest of the world for prescription drugs? Dr. Kenneth L. Davis, President & CEO of @MountSinaiNYC, explains more in his lowering drug costs #AspenIdeas interview: #LiveFromAspen #AspenIdeasHealth

Our #NYP Lower Manhattan Hospital team had a blast at City of Water Day this weekend, where they partnered with our amazing cardiology team to teach #HandsOnlyCPR to the local community! #NYPinYourCommunity

While shopping on Amazon during #PrimeDay, did you know that you can also help support Cleveland Clinic Martin Health? Use this link before you get started shopping:

Thank you!

Receiving the right diagnosis is critical in cancer care, yet the practice of #pathology has changed very little in the last 150 years.

MSK Data Scientists are making strides to change that. @NatureMedicine @ThomasFuchsAI @fuchslab

Living with the BRCA gene mutation and want to know what this means for your #breast and #ovarian cancer risk? Learn from healthcare professionals & connect with peers tomorrow. Register here: #HealthcareRevolutionized

Jesse made it to the beach with his little brother this summer, a prize he had his eyes on while undergoing treatment for medulloblastoma.

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