Don't forget to tune in to our #FacebookLive today at 11am EST featuring our expert Douglas Fredrick, MD, as he answers questions on pediatric #glaucoma and what parents need to look out for: #GlaucomaAwarenessMonth #LiveAtMountSinai

#HomeRemedies: I have #AcuteSinusitis, and my health care provider doesn't think I need antibiotics. Are there nonprescription medications that can help relieve symptoms?

Does your child participate in sports? We are recruiting healthy children, ages 8-18, for a research study at the Motion Analysis Laboratory. Involves one 3-dimensional sports assessment which takes approx 2hrs. Learn more:

Levi loves the spaghetti and meatballs at St. Jude, and when he's home, he loves playing outside. “I can't even imagine where we'd be if it weren't for St. Jude," Levi's mom said. "It's life-changing. It's been a huge blessing for our family."

The Project SEARCH Autism Enhancement program at #NYP Westchester Behavioral Health Center provides workplace skills & employment opportunities to great interns like Nick. Watch more from @3rdHourTODAY: CC: @ArcWestchester @ProjectSEARCHHQ @NEXTforAUTISM

#Cancer patients are among those most vulnerable to the #flu. Here’s how you can prevent the spread of germs, whether you have the flu or have potentially been exposed to it. #endcancer

Meeting Aria you’d never know anything was wrong — she’s a happy 2.5-year-old girl. But at 3 months, she was diagnosed with PHACE Syndrome, a rare series of conditions affecting the heart, arteries, brain and/or eyes. Despite her cardiac issues, Aria continues to thrive.

Stevie brings joy to thousands of patients every year at Cleveland Clinic.
That's why he was chosen as @PedigreeFound's Rescue Dog of the Year.

Since our doors opened in 1953, over 500,000 clinical research participants have been active partners in #medicaldiscovery at the @NIHClinicalCntr. Check out some of the discoveries made Here:

Re-watch the @BBCTwo film #WarintheBlood. It looks at the work of scientists at @ucl and clinicians at #UCLH working together on groundbreaking ‘first in-human’ #immunotherapy trials. On 20 January at 9pm.

This #NationalObesityAwarenessWeek, here's a new book "Why We Eat (Too Much): Looking at how we eat today". Written by one of our consultants, @mradjenkinson1 it explores why modern #nutrition has failed us:

Are you thinking about trying out a #keto diet in 2020? Check out what we know about this trendy lifestyle. ➡ #Live2020Well

Stephen Weber on why he chose MD Anderson for #MDS treatment: “Everything its doctors do is designed to improve the success rate of patients’ treatment.” #CancerMoonshot #endcancer

Dr. Wubben is an outstanding flight physician, but also an amateur photographer and pilot. Read about an important archaeology dig he and a team did.

Each year, up to 20 percent of Americans come down with the flu. #NYP/@ColumbiaMed’s Dr. Melissa Stockwell shared 10 things you should know to help prevent it with #HealthMatters:

“When I’m eating, I try to fill two-thirds of my plate with fruits and veggies,” says @PGATOUR player @HunterMahan of one way he reduces his #cancer risk. #endcancer

Twitter feed video.“When I’m eating, I try to fill two-thirds of my plate with fruits and veggies,” says @PGATOUR player @HunterMahan of one way he reduces his #cancer risk. #endcancer
Hunter Mahan@HunterMahan

Spreading the word with @MDAndersonNews about easy ways to reduce your risk of cancer by eating right! The hype around fruits and veggies is real - so get on board! To learn more, visit:

#MayoClinicMinute: An increasing body of research suggests that #optimistic people are healthier and happier than those who are pessimistic. @RichaSoodMD has tips on how you can become more optimistic.

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