Last weekend, Nancy Whipple donated #Easter dinner & Easter baskets to the patients & families in our Pediatric BMT Unit in memory of her son, Alexander the Great. Nancy spent many holidays in the hospital with Alexander, and knows how difficult it can be. Thank you, Nancy!

Build healthy habits into your routine: If work life tends to crowd out your social life, make changes and book regular dinner dates with your favourite people. If you’re a social butterfly but also a couch potato, carve out time for daily walks or other workouts with a friend.

Every day, we rely on the experience, dedication and organizational skills of our talented administrative professionals to keep the hospital running smoothly. THANK YOU for everything you do for our patients and our Medical Center! #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay

Experts by Experience gives voice to patients and is a powerful tool for caregivers. Read the e-book by @teaminspire and @MayoClinic today.

Patients treated by surg oncs benefit from both the discussion of their treatment plans by multidisciplinary care teams, as well as the access to innovative treatment protocols. Learn about the Mass General Cancer Center's Division of Surgical Oncology:

19-year-old, stage III #colorectalcancer survivor’s advice to other #AYAcancer patients: “Don’t freak out.” #crcsm #CancerMoonshot #endcancer

WATCH the heartwarming moment a mother meets her son's lifesaving liver donor for the first time. #DonateLife #KidsTransplantWeek
Full story:

Don't let the drizzly weather get you down. April showers bring May flowers! Our grounds maintenance crew got a head start on May by adding a few more pops of color to our campus.

Who else is excited for @drhallowell’s exclusive lecture on the brain science behind #ADHD tomorrow? Join us at @ParentMap’s Eastside Every Child Summit and attend the FREE resource fair for families with neurodiverse learners: #neurodiversity

We are #BetterTogether! Our staff at The Blavatnik Family - Chelsea Medical Center are sharing their favorite #PatientExperience stories. #YourVoiceCounts

Register for the 7th Annual Dubin Breast Center Fact vs. Fiction Luncheon on Tuesday, May 21 at 12:30pm EST and hear our thought leaders share key insights about all aspects of #BreastCancer, healthy living, and the future of #WomensHealth:

We’re celebrating #PatientExperienceWeek at The Blavatnik Family - Chelsea Medical Center! Come by today and share your #PatientExperience story today until 4pm EST! #BetterTogether #YourVoiceCounts

In the United States, about 100,000 people have idiopathic #PulmonaryFibrosis, with 30,000 to 40,000 new diagnoses yearly. Talk with others like you in the #MayoClinicConnect Lung Health group.

Creating an experience that truly puts the patients first. See how #NYP’s David H. Koch Center strives for a stress-free environment for our patients and their visitors #DHKatNYP: #PXWeek

In a pilot study, 82% of women found that an online decision tool was helpful for them in making decisions about antidepressant use during #pregnancy. Participate in the active clinical trial:

Our Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine has more than 200 laboratory professionals in 9 different specialty areas, all working 24/7 to provide the essential laboratory testing services necessary to diagnose and treat our patients! #LaboratoryProfessionalsWeek

Mount Sinai Beth Israel celebrates #PatientExperienceWeek by asking employees: How do you care for your #patients and your #colleagues every day? Join us in the Petrie Linsky Lobby today from 2pm-4pm EST! #MSBIBettertogether #BetterTogether #YourVoiceCounts #PatientExperience

Earwax is normal and has a purpose, it catches dust, debris and prevents germs. Remember, you should never use cotton swabs in your child’s ears.

“The fuel that the digital economy runs on is data. As leaders in the health care space, we need to be good stewards of that data and keep patient data safe at the same time.” - @DanielJBarchi at @CityAndStateNY #HealthyNY

“We’re working with community centers, churches, & @NYCHA to help increase access to things like broadband...It’s incumbent upon those of us with the resources to make technology accessible to everyone” - @DanielJBarchi at @CityAndStateNY #HealthyNY Summit. #NYPinYourCommunity

Using a notebook can help with coping with #chemobrain.

Here are some other ways to deal with this #cancer side effect: #endcancer

Ready to stop #smoking? Our tobacco treatment experts provide resources and support to help you stay smoke-free. Classes start April 30:

LeeAnne Paulenoff, Manager of Patient Experience Improvement at Mount Sinai Union Square shares details on “Wow Moment Wednesday” and #PatientExperience events that will happen during this week! #PatientExperienceWeek #BetterTogether #YourVoiceCounts

After being diagnosed with #ovariancancer, Iris Martinez has made it a goal to share her story and to be a voice for those who don't have one. Read more of Iris's inspiring story here:

“Telemedicine levels barriers & more and more we’re using #telemedicine to reach all #NewYorkers.” - @DanielJBarchi on how #NYP uses telemedicine helps increase access to care at @CityAndStateNY #HealthyNY Summit. #NYPinYourCommunity

Our Auxiliary Thrift Store currently has jewelry on sale: Half price!

Stop in today at 2328 SE Ocean Blvd. in Stuart. For more information, please call 772.223.5619.

Learn about issues in #MedicalEthics at our twenty-eighth #NewYork regional conference on Friday, May 3 from 9am-5pm EST! Register here:

“Every year, thousands of Americans die while waiting for a liver transplant due to the scarcity of donor organs.” See how Dr. Adam Griesemer is working to solve the organ donor crisis: #NYPTransplant #DonateLife

I just feel like I look like everyone else. And this has just changed things for the better.

MSK’s mission is twofold: curing people of cancer and returning them to as normal a life as possible.

#CYWtip: Drinking milk? It’s better than soda or juice with protein to keep you full & calcium/vitamin D to help your bones stay strong.

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