Since we treated the world’s first patient with integrated MR guided #RadiationTherapy in 2017, we have investigated new approaches. Our studies today include leading the clinical trial for inoperable #PancreaticCancer. Learn more:

83% of Americans with partners agree that if their partner adopted a heart healthy diet, they'd join in. #LoveYourHeart

We asked #CedarsSinai's Dr. Keith Black, chair of #neurosurgery: What struggles did you face in your pursuit of medicine? Find out what he had to say! #BlackHistoryMonth

There are many types of human #Coronaviruses, including those that cause the common cold. They typically spread from an infected person through the air in tiny droplets produced when #coughing or #sneezing: #InsideMountSinai

New grandparent? Your child care skills are as good as ever, but some guidelines have changed. Get expert advice to keep grandkids safe and healthy. For more healthy action tips, download the Mayo Clinic App.

Don't forget our #UrgentCare locations in #Dumbo, #BrooklynHeights, #UWS & #Inwood are open on #PresidentsDay from 9am – 3pm EST. Visit here to find one of our urgent care locations near you: #JustWalkIn #NoAppointment

Ella was born with a large port wine birthmark — they’re generally harmless, but not always. They can be a sign of a serious condition. She has been receiving monthly laser treatments to fade it and halfway through treatment the birthmark is already almost completely gone.

#ConsumerHealth: Eating nuts as part of a healthy diet may be good for your #heart. Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients. And they're a great snack food — inexpensive, easy to store and easy to pack when you're on the go.

35 years ago, fire captain Howard DeSavino was referred to #NYP/@ColumbiaMed's Dr. Allan Schwartz, who has since seen him through more than three decades of advances in #cardiac care, including the groundbreaking #TAVR procedure: #NYPHeart

37th Annual Minnesota Geriatric Care Conference: A variety of topics addressed to assist participants to be knowledgeable & flexible in the care and education of geriatric patients & their families. More about the conference & register here: #RochMN

#Glioblastoma is aggressive. #GBM AGILE is a next-generation clinical trial program designed to be equally as aggressive, by identifying the most effective therapies for glioblastoma and delivering them faster and to more patients. Learn more:

Not all trail mixes are created equal. These #heart-healthy options can help control your cholesterol, plus it tastes great. #smarthearts #heartmonth

Taking prescribed medications to manage #pain may put some at risk of addiction. Personal history and treatment length play a role, yet predicting vulnerability to abuse of medications is difficult. Talk with others with experience on #MayoClinicConnect.

#HomeRemedies: #Acne is most common among teenagers, though it affects people of all ages. Effective treatments are available, but it can be persistent. Learn more:

An obstetrician on #pregnancy weight gain recommendations and why it's just one factor in evaluating the health of mom and baby:

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