A pancreas transplant is a surgical procedure to place a healthy pancreas from a deceased donor into a person whose pancreas no longer functions properly. Learn more about pancreas transplant at Mayo Clinic.

Nic was one of Cleveland Clinic’s first COVID-19 patients.
Doctors and nurses used his glass ICU door to write uplifting messages.
He used the same glass to write a heartfelt letter.

We are honored to once again salute our brave men & women who sacrificed so much during the height of the novel #coronavirus pandemic. This #SolidaritySaturday, we proudly recognize our #NYP Lower Manhattan nursing teams who continue to rise to the challenge. #NYPHeroes #ThankYou

Don’t risk getting the flu. Make flu prevention a priority by scheduling a flu shot appointment for you and your family today:

With just 10 minutes on a phone or computer, you can help shape your community’s future for the next decade by filling out the #2020Census!

Be sure to complete your census form here by Sept. 30: | #GetCountedNYC

During this episode, @JillHil51806294 joins @ParasiteGal to discuss challenges she has encountered & how she overcame them, how she worked with her team to address the rise in demand of testing needs, & lessons learned that others could benefit from.

Summer employment options looked very different this year due to #COVID19. #NYPLawrence was proud to participate in the #NYP Summer Youth Employment Program, which provided 14 paid positions to teenagers and college students. Click to learn more:

Research shows weight loss surgery can significantly reduce heart problems in patients with diabetes and obesity, but how much weight loss is needed to see the benefits?
Read more:

She said, “Yes!”💍

Jack proposed to Madison after their newborn Kamden was taken to the NICU for extra care.

Caregivers at Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital helped dad pull off the surprise proposal. Congrats! 💕

“No matter how young or healthy,” Verissimo Costa says, “there’s still danger if you have a family history of #HeartDisease. You cannot take your health for granted.” He got a second chance at an active life after a #HeartAttack in 2018: #PatientStory

Recently we were able to give away bicycles to our incredible essential workers as a small way to show our gratitude. Thank you to Councilman @Scottinthe3rd and others who attended and enjoy those good vibes and bike rides! 🚲

The McCaw family was devastated to learn their unborn son had spina bifida.
They took a leap of faith, driving 14 hours to Cleveland for a surgery to correct the birth defect while he was still in the womb.

In 3 days, @CWRU and Cleveland Clinic will host the first presidential debate.

Did you know...
Cleveland Clinic has performed 3 face transplants.

Olympic #FigureSkater @GraceEGold almost lost her career to #depression. Now, armed with new coping skills, she’s fighting to return to the podium. Listen to her story on the latest episode of the #RoadToResilience podcast:

Thank you to @ziggymarley for sharing this message for our #HealthcareHeroes as they continue to keep our community healthy 6 months into the #COVID19 pandemic!

Learn how blood donations help our cancer patients receive the life-saving treatments they need, and schedule an appointment today: #EndCancer

We love seeing all of you participate in our virtual #StJudeWalkRun today! 💛

Twitter feed video.We love seeing all of you participate in our virtual #StJudeWalkRun today! 💛
Terrika Foster-Brasby@SheKnowsSports_

Out here getting it in for @StJude during the virtual walk/run for childhood cancer! Would love your help in making sure no child’s family has a bill if they ever have to fight this and also that we can find a cure!

Donate to my team ⬇️⬇️ if you can!

Mount Sinai Lab creates shared database to help #scientists find drugs that can be used to treat #COVID19. Avi Ma’ayan, PhD, Director of the Mount Sinai Center for #Bioinformatics and Professor of Pharmacological Sciences, shares more: #MountSinaiToday

We wanted to a give a HUGE THANK YOU to @Brewers and @StarlightUS for their recent donation of gowns for the kids in our MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. What we do isn't possible without the support of our community partners. Thank you!

Learn to spot the differences between seasonal allergies, the common cold, flu and COVID-19. For more information visit,

Three leading #neuroscientists from @MountSinaiPsych and @SinaiBrain discuss how drugs like ketamine, MDMA, & cannabis may provide alternative therapies for illnesses like #PTSD, addiction, & depression — & why they still face so much resistance:

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