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If you have figured it out yet, we are fed up with all you #AmericaHaters. You've already told us you're leaving. We look forward to being away from your Complaining and Whining. Will All #AmericaHaters please Leave!

How long are you going to allow @AOC Omar Tlaib to destroy our country? Stand up to Women who Hate America. #WalkAwayFromDemocrats

I am refusing to use Pay Pal any more. I canceled a subscription that was not recorded. They charged me and are refusing to give me back my money. Bye Bye #PayPal

#WalkAwayFromDemocrats You're dealing with truly moronic people. Democrats -- Enemy of the Unborn. What kind of people kill their own children? You got it. The Democrats!

The Fed Owns You: Anthony C. Sutton summed up the dire situation in his book, The Federal Reserve Conspiracy: “Congress handed over all monetary powers to the Fed in 1913. #StoptheFed

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