Holistic Medicine

Twitter is slowly and sneakily taking away my followers.

You think I don't notice Twitter.

When the Government sues you, I hope they read this tweet!

I'm exhausted trying to deal with all the horrible images of people murdering innocent people, destroying people's lives and businesses, cops in ICU fighting for their lives, reading tweets, tweeting, being trolled.

Time to chill out, remember

God is in Control


God Wins!

The Light of the Righteous Shines Brightly, but the Lamp of the Wicked Is Extinguished

Proverbs 13:9
The light of the righteous shines brightly, but the lamp of the wicked is extinguished.

I lay the murder of David Dorn on every unpeaceful protestor, rioter, looter. Their actions led to his death. And so much more. The number of lives that have been ruined, the businesses and property destroyed, the policemen fighting for their lives.

There is blood on your hands!

Whether you eat a vegetarian diet or include a small amount of animal foods, for optimal health you must receive the majority of your calories from unrefined plant foods....that grants the greatest protection against developing serious disease.

Fuhrman, Joel. Eat to Live (p. 93)

Look at this man's face all you protesters.

You killed him and He doesn't matter according to your actions.

You are all hypocrites!


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