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Never have there been more choices in tv entertainment. Why am I bored with all the many choices. Does this happen to anyone else?

YouTube and Twitter are more interesting than TV.

We are looking at the Democrats' Playbook for the future:

"100 years from now if the Presidents doesn't have both the House and the Senate, he will be impeached." Reince Preibrus

We will not give up! We will not give in!

"The Great Awakening in Here!"

"The Storm has Arrived!"

We will be Victorious! God Wins!

Nothing can stop what is coming.

We love and trust you, Senator Marsha Blackburn!

Twitter feed video.We love and trust you, Senator Marsha Blackburn!
Sen. Marsha Blackburn@MarshaBlackburn

The House had its turn and Democrats made a mockery of the constitution.

Today, 99 of my colleagues and I were sworn in for the impeachment* trial.

We will give @realDonaldTrump the fair trial he deserves.

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