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When cancer treatment is over, patients are often faced with mixed emotions. Probably the most common fear is that the cancer will come back (a cancer recurrence). Learn about this "new normal."

Feeling fine at 50? Age 50 is the time to start regular colorectal cancer screenings, even if you have no symptoms. Learn about your options this #CancerPrevention Month:

83 y/o male patient was an ex-smoker w/ medical history of #diabetes mellitus, #hypertension & stage 3 chronic renal impairment presented w/ intermittent, variable threshold exertional angina. What is the best next step in the patient's management? #ACCEd

CDC estimates, that between Oct. 1 and Feb. 8, there were at least 26 million illnesses, 250,000 hospitalizations and 14,000 deaths caused by #flu.

Learn more about the burden of flu:

Studies to assess the epidemiology & clinical characteristics of #COVID19 cases in different settings are critical to furthering our understanding of this #coronavirus & associated disease.

WHO Situation Report 16 February 2020

Ghana has seen incredible progress in increasing vaccine coverage across its districts.

Thanks to @gavi & partners, more children are receiving the life-saving vaccines they need. #VaccinesWork

“There is no evidence to support transmission of #COVID19 associated with imported goods, including food and drugs for humans and pets, and there have been no reported cases of #coronavirus in the U.S. associated with imported goods.” – @SteveFDA

“There is no evidence to support transmission of #COVID19 associated with imported goods, including food and drugs for humans and pets, and there have been no reported cases of #coronavirus in the U.S. associated with imported goods.” – @SteveFDA
Dr. Stephen M. Hahn@SteveFDA

At this time, the FDA continues to review products imported from China and has not determined that additional measures are needed to protect public health. #COVID19

That’s a wrap! Thanks to Drs @AnaBaracCardio and Bonnie Ky for a great #ACCCardioOnc course. Next steps: take lessons learned back to institutions/practices; use #JACCCardioOnc and #ACCCardioOnc Member Section to drive discourse, share research, & build community.

Everyone should get screened for #ColorectalCancer. The only questions are when, using what method, and how often. Visit our website for some quick & easy tools to help you decide when & how your next screening will take place.

What is amyloidosis? @Ron_Witteles closes out #ACCCardioOnc with closer look at clinical presentation, cardiac manifestations, diagnosis/diagnosis challenges, prognosis and new research. More info at #JACCCardioOnc:

NEW! #Disaster-related exposure assessment & monitoring (DREAM) 4-day training OPEN for registration. State & local public #health workers, learn how to use epidemiologic tools to assess & monitor health effects from hazardous exposures. More:

Catch @Nightbloo streaming live on #Twitch NOW in support of the #SU2CStreamTeam! Tune in and donate now to help make every cancer patient a long-term survivor:

#StandUpToCancer #Streamer #Gamer #Gaming #Fundraiser

Dr. Chiara Melloni discusses recent #JACCCardioOnc study showing clinical link between #cardiometabolic disorder and #ProstateCancer therapy: #ACCCardionOnc

Get a jump start on your week by writing down your physical activity and meal plans! Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight can help you reduce your risk for #cancer. #SelfCareSunday

There are drugs to treat cancer and drugs approved to treat conditions related to #cancer like anemia, nausea and dry mouth. Learn more:

Do you subscribe to a meal kit or have your groceries delivered? Make sure food safety is part of the package, too: #SundayMotivation

We would like to remind the public that no DEA agent will ever contact members of the public by phone to demand money or any other form of payment. For more information, please visit the site below.

Brush up on these stats about oral health and survivorship from Dr. Shahsahebi speaking about modifiable risk factors in #CardioOnc survivor at #ACCCardioOnc.

Given the right resources, all employees benefit from a supportive and psychologically safe workplace. | Deep Bench: Employer incentive program encourages a mentally healthy workplace: [] via @WSAW

#BloodPressure control, diet, physical fitness, #diabetes management are some of the modifiable #CVD risk factors in survivors of childhood and adult cancers, says Dr. Mohammad Shahsahebi at #ACCCardioOnc.

Thanks to Rachel Barish (#NursePractioner), Christine Cambareri (#PharmD), and Drs @oncocardiology, @DLenihanICOS_MD, Mohammad Shahsahebi, and @Dr_Mike_Fradley for great #ACCCardioOnc discussion on reimbursement, #telehealth and roles/opportunities for #CVTeam in #CardioOnc.

Share your thoughts on what is needed to build trust in #medical breakthroughs in order to help people everywhere live longer and healthier. @USPharmacopeia has worked to build trust in medicine for 200 years. #USP200 #TEDMED

As you are developing a #CardioOnc program, research is critical, says Dr. Michael Fradley. Recent #JACCCardioOnc Viewpoint is a good example of what to look for: #ACCCardioOnc

Developing Mission, Vision and organizational structure key to successful #CardioOnc program, says Dr. Michael Fradley. Co-localization of #CardioOnc clinic w/in cancer center, community-based physician support, and nurse coordinator are also essential. #ACCCardioOnc

Dr. Michael Fradley offers #CardioOnc Program General Principles: minimize delay; focus on prevention; support cardiotoxic cancer treatments; and COLLABORATE! #ACCCardioOnc

Need to bring #PCPs back into cancer care says Dr. Mohammad Shahsahebi at #ACCCardioOnc. #BloodPressure control of patients on active chemotherapy is one way to do this.

Cardiology is ideally positioned to lead specialty adoption of population health. Need: expanded #CVD and cancer registries, advocacy, guidelines, clinicians/patient education, and community education. #ACCCardioOnc

Dr. Mohammad Shahsahebi, cancer survivor & clinician, says 40% of Americans will be diagnosed w/cancer sometime in their life. Talks about Onco-Primary Care as next frontier in #ValueBasedCare. #ACCCardioOnc

The #ACCCardioOnc community is up early for speed-networking sessions on advocacy, #JACCCardioOnc, amyloidosis, social media, fellowship training and role of CV Team.

As a reminder, products claiming to "cure" cancer are a cruel deception, and these products are rampant: @US_FDA

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