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Researchers have identified a protein called CD24 that may be a new target for cancer #immunotherapy: #CancerCurrents @amirabarkal

Some women with endometrial cancer may be able to receive less intensive treatment—chemotherapy and no radiation—without increasing the risk of the disease recurring within 5 years:

#AWorldatRisk: The world is not prepared for a fast-moving global respiratory #pandemic that could kill up to 80 million people, devastate economies and create social chaos: Global Preparedness Monitoring Board's first report

According to new CDC data, #HPV vaccine can prevent an estimated 92% of cancers caused by HPV virus. Read more from @CDCMMWR:

Ending Day 1 of #AllyCon with a 'Totally Awesome 80s Party' with our allies! Stay tuned for pics! #ColorectalCancer #Conference #Boston

"I want to make sure no other family has to experience what we experienced." At just 3 months old, both of The Breyfogles' twins were diagnosed with acute myeloid #leukemia (#AML). Their story is one of heartbreak & inspirational resolve. ❤️ Learn more:

During an #emergency, safe water may not be available to mix formula or clean bottles & nipples. If you formula feed your child, stock up on ready-to-use infant formula & disposable cups. Learn more: #PrepYourHealth #NatlPrep

Sepsis is the body’s extreme response to an infection and is a life-threatening emergency. If you or someone you love has #cancer, take steps today to prevent an infection that could lead to sepsis: #SAM19

On the very first #WorldPatientSafetyDay, #Geneva landmark the 140-meter water fountain Jet d’Eau lit up in orange light in solidarity with patients.

Speak up for #PatientSafety!

Clinicians: Learn the latest guidance on #HIV prevention and treatment with the AETC National HIV Curriculum. Free CE. #EndHIVEpidemic #PrEP #CDCLearning

NEW! CDER Manual of Policies and Procedures (MAPP) issued for evaluating requests from prospective ANDA applicants for a product development or a pre-submission pre-ANDA meeting & conducting such meetings:

Here to introduce the #ColorectalCancerAlliance's Integrative Health & Wellness Program is @MarthaRaymondMA and our @coloncancermike! #AllyCon #Boston #Conference

The discovery by NCI researchers in the late 1990s of a protein that is altered in response to certain types of DNA damage has led to advances in both basic and #clinicalcancerresearch:

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