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Women had fewer OHCA’s in public locations that lacked public access defibrillators (PAD) and were less likely to have PAD used by bystanders in public locations. #ReSS19 @BrianGrunau @CHEOSNews @BCEmergMedNtwrk

#PARAGONHF / #PARADIGMHF: Across the spectrum of EF in HF, primary composite event rates decreased as LVEF increased. #AHA19 @scottdsolomon @BrighamWomens

#PARAGONHF: Effects of sacubitril/valsartan, compared to valsartan, in women versus men with HFpEF suggested less risk of HF hospitalization in women. Findings need further study. #AHA19 @EdinUniCVS #cardiotwitter

#DAPAHF: HF-QOL and symptoms improved for HFrEF patients with dapagliflozin compared to placebo. #AHA19 @EdinUniCVS #cardiotwitter

"WHO is proud to be working with @_AfricanUnion countries… The signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding between our two organizations will help us to formalize our cooperation in three key areas"-@DrTedros

When Candace needed cancer treatment that was far from her house, she found a home away from home with the @ExtendedStay America Hotel Keys of Hope program. #StayStory

#DAPAHF: Dapagliflozin + standard therapy lowered the risk of worsening HF events, CV death, and improved symptoms across age groups for patients with HFrEF. #AHA19 #cardiotwitter

DAPA-HF showed that dapagliflozin was superior to placebo at preventing cardiovascular deaths & #HeartFailure events. Read more: #AHA19

#FUEL: Exercise performance measures improved with udenafil treatment after Fontan. More study needed. #AHA19 @ChildrensPhila

Impella® use associated with variability in use and outcomes and higher adverse events and costs. #AHA19 @WUSTLmed

#COACT: CV outcomes not better at 1 year for immediate coronary angiography after non-STEMI compared to a delayed strategy. #AHA19 #cardiotwitter

Today is #WorldDayofRemembrance for traffic victims. Road traffic crashes kill more than 1.35 million people each year. Learn road safety tips for home and abroad:

In high-risk PCI patients, Impella® was associated with more complications and costs than intra-aortic balloon pumps. #AHA19 @UCSF #cardiotwitter

Fatigue is the most common symptom experienced by people with cancer. • Almost every cancer patient reports it • Fatigue is often not relieved by rest • Reduced energy & increased need for rest is unrelated to the amount of sleep or activity

#OCTCOMPLETE: In this #COMPLETE trial substudy, almost half of STEMI patients with multi-vessel disease were found to have obstructive non-culprit lesions with complex plaque morphology. #AHA19 @McMasterU #cardiotwitter

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