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Companies ‘should send stressed employees on spiritual retreats’ | Travelling to Lourdes found to have therapeutic benefits according to a study by scientists at University College London

What is your stress reliever? Painting? Music? Exercise? Whatever your activity, make the effort to get yourself healthy physically, emotionally, and psychologically to live a happy life. #NMHM19 #StressAwarenessMonth

One in 10 heart attacks ‘could be prevented through targeted check-ups’ | High-risk patients aren’t receiving enough checks scientists at University College of London found

Hospitals seeing five million more patients than 15 years ago | Ageing population and #obesity are key drivers according to researchers at the University of York


Moderate red meat eaters ‘at risk of bowel cancer’ | Risk rises 20% with every 25g (1 bacon rasher) of processed meat consumed

Quitting smoking is tough. But Dorise not only quit but she also became a champion for others who wish to follow in her footsteps.

AMII reveals speakers for May AGM | @AXAPPPhealth CEO will discuss challenges and opportunities in the healthcare sector @amiihealth

Less than half of Brits aware they have a choice of hospitals | Poll by Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN) finds

Small business health insurance is available year round, so what are you waiting for? Find out the best plan for your team:

Your doctor may give you a lot of information during your next visit. Use the #Coverage2Care Fillable Test Results Hand Card as a reminder for later!

When it comes to #health, better to be proactive than reactive. That’s why all Marketplace plans cover a variety of preventive services. Make use of your coverage and get on the path to healthiness. #FridayFeeling

If you’re in good health, you probably don’t have reason to know about the ins and outs of health insurance in America. Check this out to be in the know about this significant part of your life.

#MktplaceABs: Unless you enable Find Local Help on your Marketplace Learning Management System profile, consumers who need you may not be able to find you! Learn more about how you can display your information & be found on Find Local Help: #FindLocalHelp

We go “above and beyond” for partners and consumers. Watch as a Medicaid case manager helps a veteran realize his dream to fly one more time.

Using #ArtificialIntelligence (AI), we are able to turn #healthdata into insights that help us deliver a simpler, more customized healthcare experience. @RajeevRonanki discusses how we have embraced AI to drive engagement & improve outcomes for consumers.

We invite you to read Anthem’s 2018 Annual Report! The stories demonstrate our work to redefine what’s possible in healthcare — reducing cost, reinventing care delivery, personalizing the consumer experience, and engaging with partners to create change.

#AI allows us to deliver moments that matter, tailor insights, and provide personalized healthcare to consumers. Our Chief Digital Officer, @RajeevRonanki, writes in @CIOJournal about how we are leveraging the power of AI to deliver better care.

Old Mutual Wealth launches vulnerable customer seminars | Advisers will learn how vulnerability could impact their clients @Quilter

Feedback from thousands of cancer trial patients still unpublished | Feedback about quality of life from up to 49,000 cancer patients who took part in UK-led clinical trials from 2000 to 2014 remains unpublished, an analysis by @macmillancancer reveals

@NuffieldHealt partners with Leicester Real World Evidence Unit to leverage the latest big data analytics to design health services which improve patient outcomes.

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