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Becoming #Medicare eligible soon? See what your options are when it comes to your health coverage.

Research carried out by @AegonUK has found that 48% of UK workers expect to work beyond 65, and a similar number are worried about poor health in later life. More info here:

Nearly half of adults would be willing to save into a special fund to pay for the care they might need in later life, research from @AIGLifeUK shows -->

#MktplaceABs: #DYK: A lawfully present immigrant is eligible for Marketplace coverage? This week’s #AgentBrokerFAQ goes over who can enroll in the Marketplace!

#MktplaceABs: Just a few days left to complete Marketplace registration and training for plan year 2019! Tomorrow is the last day to begin registration and training, so act fast if you haven’t started yet. Need help getting started? ➡

A political vacuum and a culture of centralisation are impeding reform of the health and care system in Northern Ireland, according to a report by @NuffieldTrust. More here -->

Our Foundation has teamed up with the National Council on Aging (@NCOAging) to empower older adults with information & resources to lead healthier lives. Hear directly from Marc Russo, President of Anthem’s Medicare Programs, on how these collaborations drive our work.

More couples will be able to benefit from bereavement payments when the government introduces new laws enabling opposite-sex couples to form civil partnerships. Learn more -->

What are the most important drivers of health and wellbeing? Our research with @Quid found a disconnect between the factors discussed by the research community and the factors discussed by consumers.

More than a quarter of millennials want group income protection
Poll @CanadaLifeGrpUK suggests younger workers are more aware of employee benefits

Two NHS hospitals in the Midlands have opened vape shops on their premises in a bid to stub out smoking. The move is part of a wider policy to make the sites entirely smoke-free. Learn more -->

Online searches for mental health-related terms double in four years
@redarcnurses urges people to seek advice from a reputable source

Proud to be ranked as one of the top 10 Best Companies for Multicultural Women by @_workingmother_! See why: #WMMulticultural

Tony Levene: Umbrellas, mobile phone cases, pens – and sausage dogs |
Provider brand value may be in the eye of the beholder - but advisers have their own value and power too

At 18 you’re officially an adult. At 25 you can rent a car. At 26 you’ll need your own health coverage if you were on your parents plan previously. Know what you need to do:

Tony Levene: Umbrellas, mobile phone cases, pens – and sausage dogs. Provider brand value may be in the eye of the beholder - but advisers have their own value and power too

Are all payer claims databases delivering on their goals to improve healthcare transparency? Our public policy institute takes a look.

Follow us for the latest #InsightsThatInform, and read the full report here:

G20 leaders commit to promote prevention of ill-health across life span. Governments recognise need to include older adults in health programmes

#DYK you can enroll in #Medicaid and #CHIP year-round? Don’t miss out on life’s adventures and see if you qualify.

Data shows that for seniors, loneliness can be an identifiable factor for mortality. In response, the healthcare industry is putting more emphasis than ever on what can impact a person's overall health.

CII chief urges insurance professionals to talk to women. Challenge aims to improve women’s financial resilience @CIIGroup

Former Spire and @Bupa Hospitals CEO takes new direction
Clare Hollingsworth appointed chairman of travel firm @GOAHEADGROUPLTD

Adviser entry process now open for the 21st #HIPAwards
New categories among some important changes to the industry event of the year

Mental health conditions do not discriminate based on race, color, gender or identity. Anyone can experience the challenges of mental illness. Understand the symptoms and talk about it. #MinorityMentalHealth

#equity release referral clients take out extra £10,000 in property wealth
Poll shows introducers are confident in the sector’s future

David Sawers: In defence of Jeremy Kyle
Yes, it’s “time to talk” about #mentalhealth – so why has a talk show that did that been gagged?

#MktplaceABs: Happy Fourth of July from CMS to all Marketplace agents and brokers. We hope you have a fun and safe holiday! #IndependenceDay #FourthofJuly

#insurance sector upbeat despite fall in business volumes
Life insurers are developing products to cover more life stages

It’s time to laugh and celebrate with your loved ones this 4th of July. Be safe and remember that good health is always something to celebrate.

#Medicaid & #CHIP provide free or low-cost health coverage to millions of Americans, incl. some low-income ppl, families & children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people w/ disabilities. Open year-round, learn more about these programs:

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