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How are we addressing health more than just healthcare? Emergency food pantries, house calls to lonely seniors and expanding and integrating capabilities for high-need patients.

Have you filed your taxes for 2019 yet? This year’s tax deadline is JULY 15 – don’t wait until the last minute!

We are improving overall outcomes for people with complex and chronic conditions. In our 2019 Annual & Corporate Responsibility Report, we share how we're going above and beyond for these highly vulnerable patients.

We recognize there is work to be done when it comes to eliminating health disparities and inequities that are impacting our communities. Learn more about our Foundation’s partnership with @GleanersFBIndy and the positive impact they will make together.

During #UVSafetyMonth, make sure you put on broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher before you go outside, even on slightly cloudy or cool days. For more tips:

Our health plan companies are working hand-in-hand with employer customers to offer their employees new ways to engage with their health benefits. Read more about how we’re turning collaborations with employers into better health in our Annual & Corporate Responsibility Report.

Our 2019 Annual & Corporate Responsibility Report shares how we’re empowering consumers to focus on their health while our affiliated health plans take care of the rest. It’s part of our commitment to deliver better outcomes for high-need patients.

A little more than 1️⃣ WEEK until the deadline to file your 2019 taxes! Make sure you have
Form 1095-A along with other important tax docs before you file.

At Anthem, our ability to meet the needs of high-need patients goes beyond “healthcare.” Learn how our approach to personalized care delivers better outcomes for those with the greatest needs in our 2019 Annual & Corporate Responsibility Report.

Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood through adulthood. Know what are the early signs, and what you can do: #MinorityMentalHealth

Anthem works alongside employers to reimagine healthcare and build a healthier, more productive workforce. Read how we’re collaborating with employers in our Annual & Corporate Responsibility Report.

We are committed to serving the communities where we live and work because health is better for everyone when everyone contributes to making things better. Happy 4th of July!

🏖️ plans this weekend? Stay safe and make sure you protect yourself from the 😎 with these tips: #UVSafetyMonth

We are redefining healthcare through growth, innovation and transformation. Anthem’s first Cooperative Care model is taking a bold step to improve the health of patients, their experience and every interaction throughout their healthcare journey.

Oscar stands for gender equality, and this week joined 90 companies in filing a joint amicus brief in support of ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Read more:

Why has employee #wellbeing never been so important? @AXAPPPhealth take us through the essentials in their latest article |

Together with the South Bend Clinic in Indiana, we are using a coordinated, evidence-based care model to improve quality, affordability and the patient experience. Learn more in our Annual & Corporate Responsibility Report.

We are leading the transition to value-based healthcare. Find out how our first Cooperative Care provider – the South Bend Clinic in Indiana – is improving the patient experience.

Want to live a happier, longer life? Learn about 💙, mental, and prostate health so you can enjoy the important things in life. #MensHealthMonth

During #PrideMonth we're helping care providers and their staff to deliver LGBT-friendly care to their patients.

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