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A new study suggests that total daily steps — and not how many steps you take per minute — are related to a lower risk of death. #HarvardHealth

Researchers are working tirelessly to produce a #COVID19 vaccine.

Infectious disease and immunology expert Dr. Michael Yeaman explains how vaccines are developed and how past breakthroughs are accelerating research efforts. ➨

Do #facevcoverings decrease oxygen intake? Can we be sure they prevent the spread of #COVID19?

UCLA Health pulmonologist, Dr. Russell Buhr (@rgbMDPhD) sets the record straight on masks. ➨

#LosAngeles, it's time to see your doctor again.

With new protocols in place to prioritize your safety, it's safer and easier than ever to book an appointment. Explore video visits and read more about the new measures in place here:

Recent studies have linked #COVID19 to neurological conditions including #strokes, #seizures, and brain swelling.

Learn more. ➨

How has giving birth at UCLA Health changed during #COVID19? Even with new health measures in place, childbirth can still be a joyous occasion!

Congratulations to all the new #TeamLA moms! Learn more about our protocols here:

The easiest way to protect your eyes from the sun's hazardous radiation is to wear sunglasses, not only in the summer months, but year-round: #HarvardHealth

What’s behind the surge of #COVID19 cases in California?

Renowned UCLA Health #epidemiologist Dr. Anne Rimoin (@arimoin) shares her take. ➨

When #youthsports resume, Southern California parents & coaches will have a new playbook to follow – a game plan on keeping kids safe during a pandemic.

See what medical experts like UCLA Health’s Dr. Annabelle de St. Maurice (@destmauricemd) recommend.

A “relief station” was set up to support our dedicated @UCLAMCH frontliners during the pandemic. Staff can relax, eat snacks, and enjoy music from the UCLA music therapy team!

Learn more. ➨

Research related to H3K27M-mutant diffuse midline glioma in #COVID19 was just published in @TheNeuroNetwork.

Learn more:

Your health is still our priority. That's why we have instituted proper precautions against COVID-19.

You can feel safe seeing your doctor, so don't wait – call us today at 1-310-861-6649 and set up an in-person or video visit. ⁠

When you have chronic inflammation, your body is in a constant state of high alert. The release of inflammatory chemicals can affect many different systems in your body and be a cause or consequence of multiple diseases: #HarvardHealth

Can wearing a mask harm your health? Not according to doctors.

“Medical professionals wear these masks for hours a day for entire careers,” points out Dr. Russell Buhr (@rgbMDPhD), UCLA pulmonologist & professor at @DGSOMUCLA. Learn more. ➨

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