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Playing #outdoors is vital for kids since it fosters higher levels of #physicalactivity than indoor play. ➨

🔬 This week's theme: #GIPath

➡️ Day 1: What’s your #DailyDx of this pancreas lesion? What might you expect on cyst fluid analysis?

➡️ We’ll tweet the answer, some quick facts, and the next case tomorrow! #UMichPath

Rural Americans face unique threats to health & well-being. A team of researchers led by Dr. @ChrisFriese_RN aim to identify the most pressing gaps in the health of rural Michigan populations & improve the well-being of underserved populations.


“UCLA Health has over 200 clinics, we go to the clinics to make sure that they are at the same standards to provide the best #patientcare for the community,” says Jesica Suarez, a practice coordinator for the ambulatory #nursing department." Read more. ➨

Hundreds of people with Valley Fever infections, some of whom experience chronic symptoms & must take antifungal medications indefinitely, may benefit from a new experimental treatment used by @UCLA physicians to cure a 4-year-old patient at @UCLAMCH. ➨

Floaters and flashes in your eye are usually harmless, but they can be a warning sign of trouble ahead. #HarvardHealth

At Sound Body Sound Mind, we’re working with the community to address childhood #obesity where children spend the majority of their time – in #schools. Watch our @TEDx Talk and spread the word ➨ #UCLASBSM #TEdxTalk @LASchools

“Abraham’s immune system wasn’t responding adequately,” said UCLA immunologist @ManishButte, whose team took a unique approach to the mystery case of a 4-year-old @UCLAMCH patient's lethal infection. “We needed to find out why in order to save his life” ➨

“You can feel the energy; there are so many people to spread the love to and support,” says Ashley Hagelstein, a #UCLAHealth employee who volunteered at the UCLA Health booth during the #PRIDE Parade. Read more. ➨ #JustBeU #UCLAGenderHealth

When a surgeon from #Nicaragua fled her strife-torn country, Dr. Nathan Samras and his family opened their home to her. ➨

“One of the foundations of nursing at #UCLAHealth is relationship-based care,” says Toyin Lawal, director of ambulatory care nursing at UCLA." Read more. ➨ #UCLANursing

🔬 Vulvovaginal #Pathology, Day 5

➡️ What’s your #DailyDx of this vaginal nodule?

➡️ What IHC stains would you consider?

➡️ We’ll tweet the answers, and some quick facts tomorrow! #UMichPath #GYNPath

Happy Friday!

It's been another busy week at #UMichPath. Here's a quick recap thread:

New #CareersInPathology video posted to YouTube highlighting Dr. Analisa DiFeo's translational research on ovarian cancer.

Mystery case solved at @UCLAMCH could be life-saving for severe Valley Fever infections and may provide a method for manipulating the immune system to combat a host of other infections. #UCLAPedsImmunology #ValleyFever ➨

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