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Noah spent 13 yrs living with #CHD & in early 2017, she succumbed to a life-threatening complication. Today, her family is continuing her mission to give & raise awareness about #CHD by giving to the pediatric lymphatic program @UCLAMCH. ➨

Mentoring has always been extremely important to Dr. Analisa Difeo.

In this #Recut, she talks about why she loves to have undergraduates and high school students in her lab and gives advice on how students should approach PI's about mentorship. #UMichPath

Floaters and flashes in your eye are usually harmless, but they can be a warning sign of trouble ahead. #HarvardHealth

Up to 75% of #astronauts develop neuro-ocular syndrome associated with spaceflight. A recent preliminary study including #UMichNursing collaborator @RobPloutzSnyder finds that swimming goggles could reduce the adverse effects of space travel on the eye:

To help you understand how the foods you are eating might impact your blood glucose level, here is an abbreviated chart of the glycemic index for more than 60 common foods. #HarvardHealth #nutrition #diabetes

“The Heart Failure Symposium is an opportunity to give #physicians in the local area and beyond an opportunity to come and have a day of learning and interaction with the #UCLA faculty,” says Dr. Richard Shemin. Read more. ➨ #UCLAHeart

🔬Head & Neck #Pathology, Day 2:

➡️What’s your #DailyDx of this nasal mass?

➡️What stain(s) do you predict would be ➕?

➡️Answers & quick facts tomorrow!

#UMichPath #ENTPath

Dr. Michelle Munro-Kramer has been selected as the Suzanne Bellinger Feetham Professor! The professorship supports the research of a promising #nursing faculty member who has completed a doctoral degree within the past 10 years: #LeadersAndBest #GoBlue

For 20 years, #UCLASBSM has partnered with LA-area school districts to provide 137 middle schools & high schools with state-of-the-art #fitness equipment. Together, our partnership helps close to 200K students annually expanding their minds and enriching their #health. @LASchools

#UMichNursing's Dr. Gina Dahlem will discuss methods for educating patients that use #Opioids about #OverdosePrevention & the use of naloxone at the Patient Education Forum on May 29. The Forum is open to Health System clinicians & staff. Learn more:

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