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#Withdrawal symptoms that come with abruptly stopping the usage of #psychiatric drugs can be mistaken for relapse and lead to continued use of medication, according to two new UCLA-led #research. ➨

Today's #CaseOfTheWeek begins with fevers and headaches, which can progress to stiffening of the neck, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, irritability, confusion, seizures, and sensitivity to light.

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Meet Michigan Medicine's new chief nursing informatics officer, #UMichNursing alum Carleen Penoza. Proud of our nursing #LeadersAndBest and wishing Carleen success in her new role. #NursesLead

“We were the first #studentunion based #donor center in the nation,” says Fernando Gironas. ➨ #BloodDonation #GotBlood

A quantitative global proteomics approach to understanding the functional pathways dysregulated in the spermatozoa of asthenozoospermic testicular cancer patients.

Activity - It all counts! Even 10 minutes per week of light to moderate physical activity is associated with significantly lower risks of death. #HarvardHealth #exercise

Graduation is only 10 days away! 🎓 The #UMichNursing ceremony will be streamed live on our YouTube channel on Saturday, May 4. Be sure to share the link with friends & family ahead of time so no one misses the big day: #MGoGrad #ClassOf2019 #10Days

We were so thrilled to have students from the @Ruskinschool visit one of our patients at #UCLASMH and sign from her favorite musical, @TheMusicMan, courtesy of the 3 Wishes project at #UCLA. Mitzi Joy was delighted to hum along her favorite show tunes. #ItBeginswithU

The @UCLA_Dentistry has received a $1 million gift from Naomi and William "Jim" Ellison that will help recruit and retain star faculty to practice and teach restorative #dentistry. ➨

🔬 This week’s theme: Pulmonary #Pathology

➡️ Day 1: What’s your #DailyDx of this central lung mass?

➡️ What is the predicted immunoprofile?

➡️ Answers & quick facts tomorrow!

#UMichPath #PulmPath

Thank U for joining our #UCLAMDChat! Learn more about Dr. Don Park & his team at the #UCLASpineCenter ➨ #UCLAMDChat

If you experience worsening wound drainage, nerve pain and difficulty breathing after discharge, seek immediate attention ➨ #UCLAMDChat #UCLASpineCenter

Although blood thinners are prohibited seven days before the surgery, they can be taken 3-5 days after #surgery if possible ➨ #UCLAMDChat #UCLASpineCenter

Lumbar fusion surgery aims to decompress & stabilize the spinal nerves, which requires fusion through various approaches and techniques #UCLAMDChat #UCLASpineSurgery ➨

Common #spine surgeries can be categorized as the following: anterior cervical surgery, posterior cervical surgery or lumbar surgery #UCLAMDChat #UCLASpineCenter ➨

Medications to avoid before #spine surgery includes blood thinners and anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen, Advil and Aleve #UCLAMDChat #UCLASpineCenter ➨

Before #spine surgery, walk as much as you can & maintain a healthy lifestyle, with no
smoking #UCLAMDChat #UCLASpineCenter

#Spine surgery is necessary to treat symptoms caused by spinal cord/nerve compression & spine instability #UCLAMDChat #UCLASpineCenter

Pay attention to your gut-brain connection – it may contribute to your anxiety and digestion problems. #HarvardHealth #MentalHealthAwareness

If you missed the application deadline for the MOSST Chemotherapy safety workshop this weekend, there is still time to apply for the October 19 workshop! Learn more and apply before June 3:

As we celebrate #LabWeek we're curious:

Do you name your lab equipment?

We'll start.

Our flow cytometers are all named after female comedians who have a Michigan connection.

#LabEquipmentNicknames #ASCPLabWeek

Happy #LabWeek!

Our busy week began with our Clinical Pathology Symposium, featuring lectures from:

G. Scott Wilder, MD
Carmen Gherasim, PhD (@CGGherasim)
Steven Pipe, MD
Michael Callaghan, MD

and our 3rd Annual John G. Batsakis, MD Lecture by Justin Henderson, MPH

Tune into @FOX17 to see our own Drs. Castro (@castro2355_mg) and Lowenstein talk about their groundbreaking DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine #Glioma) research! The story premiered last night, will be re-aired throughout the day, and is available online:

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