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It may be safe for families to send their kids to child care centers. A new study shows promise.

Learn more from Dr. Nava Yeganeh, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at @UCLAMCH. ➨

It’s a nightmare none of us want to face: an elderly loved one wandering away from care, with no means of contacting home.

Learn how an Emergency Department nurse helped reunite a disoriented patient with his family through ingenious detective work:

Three members of the #UMichNursing community will be inducted as fellows of the AAN during a virtual ceremony tomorrow. Congrats to Sue Anne Bell, Lauren Underwood and Pamela Martyn-Nemeth, who will be inducted alongside other distinguished nurse leaders:

When is it safe to get back to #exercise after recovering from #COVID19?

In this edition of Ask the Doctors, Dr. Eve Glazier and Dr. Elizabeth Ko explain the risks, implications, and yes, benefits, of getting back into your exercise regime:

Getting the #flu shot helps protect you and your family from the flu. That's especially important now during the #COVID19 pandemic. Download our Flu Vaccine Fact Sheet: #SleeveUp

What is cognitive reserve? Just like a car that enables you to engage another gear to accelerate to avoid an obstacle, your brain uses cognitive reserve to change the way it operates, making added resources available to cope with challenges.

Although #endometriosis can lead to fertility struggles, it is still possible to become pregnant.

UCLA Health fertility specialist Dr. Kathleen Brennan discusses treatment options and the latest research. ➨

How long can #coronavirus survive on certain surfaces? It could be up to a month.

Dr. Peter Katona, chairman of the Infection Control Working Group at UCLA, explains what these findings mean. ➨

#PathVisions20: Some of the many applications that Augmented Reality Microscopy (ARM) benefits #pathology: real-time annot, and real-time image ansys. #Augmentiqs #UmichPath #AI

Read More:
➡️ / Gabe Siegel
➡️ / @PathPro

#PathVisions20: "Augmented Reality Microscopy (ARM) enables pathologists to 'Go Digital' while avoiding the need to first digitize slides." - @PathPro
& Gabe Siegel.

#augmentedreality #microscopy #UmichPath #Augmentiqs #DigitalPathology #AI

Three days left to join the #WeDareChallenge! Make a gift by October 31 and join us on November 2 to cast your vote and select the winning student-led project! Learn more:

Don't miss today's #PathVisions20 Q&A session with #Umichpath's own Liron Pantanowitz(@PathPro) as he and Gabe Siegel discuss how #AugmentedReality meets #Microscopy. Find out how at 9:20 PST | 12:20 EST

#Augmentiqs #technology #pathology #AI

Before gaining national recognition for research on depression in dementia caregivers, Melissa Harris was an undergraduate student with an undecided path. Now, Harris’ experiences as a clinician are guiding her as a researcher, inspired to make an impact:

Trouble sleeping lately? Between election season, the ongoing pandemic and everyday life, many of us feel restless. That's where @uclamindful comes in. Our guided sleep meditations are proven to help you fall asleep, or easily get back to it. Listen today:

Positive thinking is an essential factor in your ability to effectively cope with stress and difficulties in life. The Positive Psychology Course from #HarvardHealth will teach you strategies to help boost your long-term happiness and inner strength:

Inflammatory #breastcancer (IBC) accounts for only 1-5% of all breast cancer diagnoses, but 10% of breast cancer deaths. Are you at risk?

Learn more about IBC risk factors, symptoms and treatments. ➨

Congrats to UCLA Health physician-scientist Dr. Antoni Ribas (@AACRPres) for being named to @theNAMedicine! Dr. Ribas is a pioneer in #cancer immunology & he also directs the tumor #immunology program at @UCLAJCCC.


When he couldn’t get the #cancer care he needed in his home country of Iceland, Petur Leosson traveled 4,000 miles to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Read his story of perseverance and triumph. ➨

#PathVisions20: "FDA-cleared Medical Grade displays are not necessarily superior...We encourage the use of quantifiable, reproducible metrics for validation, and QA/QC over existing subjective criteria." ➡️

#DigitalPathology #UMichPath

Are you sending your kid to a child care center? It may be safer than you think.

Dr. Nava Yeganeh, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at @UCLAMCH, explains a study that shows child care centers don’t drive infections. ➨

Two of #UmichPath's own, Drs. David McClintock & Jacob Abel discuss technical performance displays: FDA-Cleared Med Grade🥊 vs. 🥊Consumer-off-the-shelf Professional Grade - Which is better? Find out today at 10:30 PST | 1:30 EST

#PathVisions20 #DigitalPathology #pathology #AI

We knew it all along, but now it's official: the @Dodgers are the best in baseball!

Congratulations to all of the players, coaches and staff, from all of us at UCLA Health.

If you’re confused about when, or how often, you should be going for breast cancer screenings, you’re not alone; mixed messaging and conflicting guidelines make a hard-and-fast “rule” hard to come by. That’s why we're participating in the WISDOM study -->

Yes, some #COVID19 vaccine trials have been paused. No, that’s not a bad thing.

UCLA Health infectious disease expert Dr. Otto Yang explains. ➨

How do you stay fit and lose #weight during a pandemic?
The UCLA Healthier Weight Management webinar series is an 8-week interactive class designed to promote long-term weight reduction and maintenance.
Sessions led by UCLA #dietitians & physicians. ➨

Getting the #flu shot helps protect you and your family from the flu. That's especially important now during the #COVID19 pandemic. Download our Flu Vaccine Fact Sheet: #SleeveUp

Historically, people of non-European ancestry have been underrepresented in genetics studies.

#UCLAHealth researchers Drs. Valerie Arboleda & Noah Zaitlen explain how their study will change this & expand #personalizedmedicine to diverse populations. ➨

Kylie Andrisa traveled all the way from Portland, OR to receive a lung transplant at #UCLAHealth. Thanks to @AvasHeart, the cost of her stay in L.A. during her post-transplant care was covered.

@ABC7’s Phillip Palmer (@abc7phillip) covers the story. ➨

#UMichNursing alumna Doris Grinspun (MSN '91), was one of four nurses selected for the @AAN_Nursing COVID-19 Courage Award for her exceptional work to save lives, advance health equity and protect communities. Read more about the award and Dr. Grinspun:

George’s story shows the incredible impact one person can have when they inspire others to come together. Want to share your own story and give back to UCLA Health? Visit to learn more and get started.

The U.S. Presidential Election is one week away!
The Stay in Place Order states that students are allowed to register & vote. This week, you can visit the Ann Arbor City Clerk’s Office at UMMA to register, get a ballot and drop it off. #GoBlueGoVote


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