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The healing process depends on the body’s ability to create healthy new cells & restore tissues. #PRF regeneration is a cutting-edge treatment that harnesses the healing power of your own body to speed healing after surgical treatments or to restore damaged tissues

First impression of the Blu at #dreamscape, location based #VR. Pro: lighting, sense of motion w/in design, easy setup straps. Con: sitting it out halfway due to black screen. Got a refund though so I'm going back to get the full experience. #VirtualReality

Looking forward to having you join us in #Vail. Whether #generalsurgery #colorectalsurgery #hernia #ruralsurgery or #acutecare —we have you covered. Great course by @MikeRosenMD @ajitaprabhumd @MattWalshMD @BradleyJChampa1 @EmreGorgunMD @ConorDelaneyMD & more. @ClevelandClinic

“Rather than regarding technology as an external force or temptation that we have to struggle against, I propose thinking about the alliances we form with technology.” For more, check out “Left To Our Own Devices” by @margiemem

Reading List: It’s taken me a year, but I’m just about done writing my new book on #VR in medicine for @BasicBooks. The book draws from psychology, philosophy, #digitalhealth, neuroscience, epidemiology & mind-body med. Here’s some of the many books I’ve read to inform my own.

"#VirtualRealty as an analgesic for acute & chronic pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis": This new study concludes that #VR is effective for reducing acute pain, but we still need more data for VR in chronic pain: We're working on more data now!

People often ask me if #VR is really just a gimmick. No, it isn’t. In this study by @melslater, people experience domestic violence from the perspective of the victim. Pic shows a man embodied as a woman facing off with her abusive partner. Full article:

I am committed to providing an exceptional level of care, and have many specialized skills.

We are here to help you with all of your #dental concerns. Any questions? Call our #BeverlyHills practice at (310) 651-6588

The Power of Peer Review: Today I’m at NIH as part of a peer review panel for grants addressing the #opioidepidemic and low back pain. I’m always amazed at the level of talent and expertise @NIH brings together to crowdsource authoritative opinions to select meritorious grant.

How can #fitbit help patients? A real pleasure to join @lisagualtieri, @IBDMD & others here @fitbit HQ today to discuss the many & varied ways health trackers can improve clinical outcomes. It’s gratifying to see such sustained interest in advancing the science of #DigitalHealth.

Get started on your #OralHealth today!
The @Orasana optimum oral health package is designed to help your mouth stay healthier for years to come. It works in 3 easy steps. Everything you need is included in this package.

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Next Level #VR: As a VR researcher I thought I’d seen everything #VirtualReality could deliver, but what I experienced at #DreamScapeVR was mind boggling. The level of virtual embodiment was the best I’ve seen and felt. They’ve realized the promise of VR. A must see experience.

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