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This smoothie is so good, it's worth getting a brain freeze over! Tell me what your favorite smoothie combination is in the comments below.

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"Where Will Medical #VR Be in 2030? Predictions From the VR Futurist"- Hear this talk by @ZGJR along w other cutting-edge updates at #vMed20. The medical VR community reunites at #CedarsSinai on 3/25. Latest agenda: Register here:

Want to chat about #VR? Join me in 10 min on the @CedarsSinai Facebook page for a livestream discussion about immersive therapeutics. Link:

Got great #VR research? Apply to present your work at #vMed20 in our 1st annual research competition. Great opportunity for students or junior faculty to engage #VR healthcare community. Winner gets oral prez on stage at #vMed. App here: Spread the news!

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