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Supplements like #CoQ10 and #Turmeric are great, but if your body is not absorbing them, you are not getting the full health benefits. I partnered with @Qunolofficial because their formulations are enhanced to provide superior absorption compared to regular forms. #ad

Forty @ClevelandClinic caregivers have traveled to @CCAD to spend 6 weeks with our team there. I’m thankful we have caregivers willing to cross oceans to help care for patients, share key learnings from the US and receive updates on progress in testing & treatment in the UAE.

Ummm... is this an SNL commercial?

Twitter feed video.Ummm... is this an SNL commercial?
VYZR Tech.@VyzrTech

The BioVYZR is a personal air-purifying shield designed to get you out back into the world

✔ Powered Air Purification Respirator Technology
✔ Filters Air Coming In & Out
✔ Positive Pressure Secondary Seal
✔ +12 Hours Filtered Air on One charge

I’d like to share some of my favorite Black doctors on @twitter. These doctors have worked relentlessly to improve healthcare & the world around them; their voice has been so impactful to me.

This is only a small sample. So please add to it👇🏼 so I can keep learning from you.

Announcing new #AmJGastro Social Media Editor position: #SoMe has permanently transformed how doctors communicate & learn. That's why we're seeking a highly-skilled, creative, and forward-thinking editor to fill this new role. Please spread the news. Info:

Do you ever feel that you’re not able to create #healthyeating habits that you can use in your daily life, without it feeling really challenging to maintain? Watch this video for 3 things to focus on to make it easier:

Insult to injury: As we turn our attention to the atrocity in Minneapolis, #COVID19 remains undistracted. Below, I've animated cases in L.A. County since the start of the pandemic. We're still seeing quadruple-digit new cases per day. We are still in a pandemic. Please stay safe.

It's the intentional actions we do on a consistent basis — not what we do every once in a while — that truly impacts how we show up and design the life and health we desire. Health is a daily practice! #health #wellness

The #COVID19 studies keep coming: Like most journal editors, I've been swamped by COVID-19 papers. As of today, I've reviewed 182 pandemic-related submissions to our journal. Some are extraordinary. Some aren't. Our editorial team is working overtime to cull the wheat from chaff.

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