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Top 5 studies about #COVID19 & the gut: We've learned a lot in the past 6 months about how Covid-19 affects the digestive tract. In this thread, below, I summarize my picks (so far) for the top 5 studies on Covid & the gut. There are many other worthy studies; add your top picks:

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We have seen Covid-19 send some patients to the hospital while others may not even realize they have it. We explain what factors make people more vulnerable:

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"Virtually Better": In this time of global stress and psychosocial isolation, home-based behavioral treatments are vital. New study shows self-administered #VR mindfulness program led to higher rate of smoking cessation vs. standard online smoking program:

Simple Green Smoothie Recipe 💚

1 ½ cups unsweetened almond milk
2 cups spinach*
1 medium banana frozen
protein powder: bee pollen, collagen, etc.

About 15% of my patients lost weight during the pandemic. That’s the most I’ve seen in my career. One patient lost 34 lbs in 4 months.

When asked what their secret was, over & over I got the same answer:

“I cooked my own food during the pandemic.”

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Do masks really cause dangerous C02 buildup? Unlikely. Why? Because virus is small, but C02 is ~200x smaller. It matters b/c some mask deniers worry they'll asphyxiate. I made a pic to help address concerns. Virus is 0.12μm; C02 ~0.00065μm. CO2 easily crosses mask. COVID doesn't.

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Find out if you have a high mercury level in your body either from fish consumption or mercury fillings. This tests blood urine and hair.

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How can we improve local #COVID19 forecasting? A #BigData approach might combine epi data w/ sewage data (#SARSCoV2 RNA levels in runoff) w/ #SoMe analytics (eg. geo-targeted symptom reports) w/ volunteer self-reports. All happening already, but combo may supercharge predictions.

Important new #COVID19 study: We know that digestive symptoms, like diarrhea & nausea, are common w/ #COVID19. But do gut symptoms predict bad outcomes? This @MayoClinic study finds no evidence of increased mortality when Covid presents with gastro issues:

This is a time of incredible adversity.

Despite that you see medical trainees jumping right in, hungry for knowledge, passionate to help, humble, persistent*. Seeing that gives me hope we will be okay.

*And yes you can tell all that from a photo with masks.


#quickcase #colorectalsurgery during a left colectomy you are mobilizing the splenic flexure and note brisk bleeding from both the retroperitoneum and capsule - what now?

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