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As we push the limits of biomedical and digital health science, we can’t forget the basics, like measles being a *preventable* disease. It’s a huge step back to find this health alert in my email today about the latest LA County outbreak. Fact: vaccines work. #sciencematters

The Digital Psychedelic? @TRIPPVR uses immersive #VR to achieve a "flow state" through transcendent graphics, ethereal music, and application of best practices in game design for flow. I'm enjoying the program and look forward to evaluating it scientifically. Vid shows 2D clips:

How about a Metabolism Revolution twist on a classic Creole dish? This recipe comes together fast with warming spices and a mix of hearty beans and riced cauliflower. It's so delicious you will think you're in New Orleans!

"Online Physician Ratings: The Flawed Standard of Care for Choosing a Physician in the Digital Age": In his upcoming talk, @TimDaskivich will discuss our latest research on the role and validity of online doc ratings. Announcement below. Recent study here:

"The Promise of #VR and the Brain: Lessons Learned from Neuroscience" - In this forward-thinking #vMed19 lecture, neuroscientist @adamgazz describes 5 new projects using #VirtualReality to improve quality of life. Amazing talk; it's worth the time. Link:

Let this spring be your healthiest ever! My Metabolism Multi will help level the nutritional playing field and help to repair your metabolism.

LAST DAY TO SAVE on my Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 2 Shake. It's 25% OFF + members always save an additional 10%. Shop Now -

Being off the grid means hardly any technology and hardly any screen time. That means more physical activity -- a lot more. When I whipped out my iPad, swiping at the screen, the #Tsimane thought I was a sorcerer. #ChasingLifeCNN #Bolivia tonight 9 ET/PT on @CNN

We should all care about heart disease. It is the biggest killer in the United States and costs us a billion dollars a day. And, yet there are places where the people have hardly any heart disease and spend very little money. #ChasingLifeCNN tonight 9 ET/PT on @CNN

Make sure to try out @Orasana’s Wildberry Chewable Probiotics that helps to reduce cavities, bad breath, plaque and inflammation.

Orasana Wildberry Chewable #Probiotics also provide a source of beneficial bacteria in the mouth and in the #gut:

For #ChasingLifeCNN, I lived with the Tsimane indigenous tribe, deep in the Amazon rainforest. We were completely off the grid, living the life of hunter-gatherers. Here is a peek at what we learned. See more tonight at 9 ET/PT on @CNN.

Chili is the ultimate comfort food — enjoy it in phase 1 and 3 of The Fast Metabolism Diet! This recipe is chock-full of fiber and protein to assist in these phases of FMD.

Introducing the "Sensory Immersion Vessel": At #vMed19, @adamgazz unveiled this mind-tripping #VR system that uses sight, sound, smell & touch to drive a multi-sensory therapeutic journey. "This is all built, I've been in it, & it's amazing" Full lecture:

Live outside of #LosAngeles and have any questions regarding our consultation process, treatment, or travel arrangements?

Please give our office a call and we will be happy to help. #Dentist #Wellness

Do you love my Phase 2 shake? Have you tried turning it into an Almond Cookie for breakfast with this shake hack?

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#quickcase #colorectalsurgery. 47 yo with cirrhosis and mod to high volume ascites with perforated diverticulitis undergoes urgent sigmoid resection and colostomy. What do you do about the ascites? Nothing? Drain? Thoughts?

As we cruised around La Paz, Bolivia in his '71 Mercedes-Benz, Dr. Gustavo Zubieta blew my mind with his high altitude research. It challenges almost everything we think about the heart. #ChasingLifeCNN SAT 9p ET/PT on @CNN

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