Diseases – General

Roses are red.
EM rashes are too.
Try not to let
A Lyme quack trick you.

#PublicHealthValentine #HealthPolicyValentine

Getting really sick of seeing all these quacks advertising that they address “root causes”.

Integrative, functional, naturopathic, & Lyme literate practice is—at best— the grown up version of a mother’s kiss on a skinned knee. At worst, it’s dangerous, wallet-emptying quackery.

“Patients with dementia and their family members are targeted by practitioners and companies motivated by self-interest.” #lyme https://t.co/LYWX4SPFTV

Employees of a supplement store claiming to be in the "Department of Infectious Diseases" published an in vitro study in a quack journal that will be used to sell more Chronic Lyme quackery.

It's a red flag if the home page of your "Research Institute" redirects to your store!

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