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“Chronic #lyme” is not a real diagnosis but it is a harmful belief system that spreads through the internet and bad journalism. Victims typically are sold multiple fake diagnoses and empty their wallets in desperation. https://t.co/y5wn1rWmRD

Chronic #Lyme groups rule their members with fear:
• Fear that they will transmit their fake infections to their spouse or child
• Fear that if they don't empty their wallets on quackery, then they will continue suffering or die
• Fear that nobody outside the groups will help

Fake Lyme patient: Hey did you know this obscure fact about #Lyme disease? Also here are 5 lies to accompany that fact.

Scientists: You're a fake Lyme patient....

Fake Lyme patient: But let's talk about Lyme disease.

Scientists: 🤦‍♀️ 🙄

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