Diseases – General

The new paper on medical crowdfunding and media portrayal by @CaulfieldTim and colleagues specifically notes fundraisers for questionable/unproven #Lyme treatments. https://t.co/OJEMF1pHrV

“Lyme literate” quacks empty the wallets of tens of thousands of desperate patients and nobody bats an eye.

Doctors and scientists say not to spend money on chronic #Lyme quackery and everyone loses their minds.

Chronic Lyme Activists: Untreated Lyme is terrible!

Also Chronic Lyme activists: Treat Lyme with herbs, homeopathy, and essential oils that don’t work for #Lyme disease.

There’s a mysterious light in the sky. It must mean aliens are invading from another planet. We better stockpile weapons to fight the aliens.

We have mysterious symptoms. It must be chronic Lyme, Bartonella, and babesia. We better spend all our money on quackery. #BadLogic

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