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Children are often the victims of abuse by dangerous quacks who market themselves as Lyme literate, functional, or integrative.

In 2004, pediatric infectious disease specialist Dean Blumberg, MD, FAAP testified in Sacramento, California, where authentic #Lyme disease is rare:

Doctors and scientists in the UK report similar experiences to their American counterparts. Authentic #Lyme disease is uncommon in the UK. https://bjgpopen.org/content/early/2020/07/07/bjgpopen20X101050

The fake doctors who call themselves naturopaths are creating an epidemic of fake diagnoses. The fake diagnoses may leave real problems untreated and exacerbate mental health issues. Let's be clear: Real #Lyme does not cause psychiatric disorders. https://donotlink.it/JOL4k

Disturbingly, quacks who claim to be "Lyme literate" frequently abuse children. This paper describes the abuse of a teenager in Australia, where there is no endemic #Lyme disease but thousands of people have become victims of the chronic Lyme scam. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/jpc.13411

Chronic #Lyme conspiracy theorists: Doctors just love insurance companies, which is why they refuse to prescribe us cocktails of long term antimicrobial drugs

Doctors: 😂😂😂

Belief in the fake chronic #Lyme diagnosis spreads via social media. This victim admits that evangelicals on Instagram put the idea in her head.

Real problems, a dangerous rabbit hole of fake solutions. https://donotlink.it/Z9R1N

Great news! Douglas Wine, the predatory chiropractor and owner of the scammy “Lyme Laser Centers of New England” surrendered his license after action by the chiropractic board. Thanks to @patientzeropod @nhpr @TaylorQuimby1 for exposing Wine’s scheme: https://www.patientzeropodcast.com/podcast-episodes/episode-5

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