Diseases – General

The logic of science deniers is terrible across the spectrum:

If global warming is real, then why do I have this snow ball?

If evolution is true, then why are there still monkeys?

If longterm antibiotics are inappropriate for #Lyme, why are they used for other conditions?

When a victim of chronic #Lyme quackery goes to their “Lyme literate” doctor and gets diagnosed with five different fake infections.

Chronic Lyme is a cult that can suck in a whole family, including children who become Medical Child Abuse victims.

UK billionaire John Caudwell claims 15 members of his family all have #Lyme.

One "Lyme literate" quack claims to have treated 23 members of a single family!

Past ILADS president Raphael Stricker, MD was found guilty of scientific misconduct by the NIH and UCSF. UCSF also fired him. Later, he spread an anti-vax conspiracy theory claiming polio vaccines caused AIDS. He profits from unsubstantiated “chronic #Lyme” and “Morgellons”.

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