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Who else is excited for @drhallowell’s exclusive lecture on the brain science behind #ADHD tomorrow? Join us at @ParentMap’s Eastside Every Child Summit and attend the FREE resource fair for families with neurodiverse learners: #neurodiversity

Earwax is normal and has a purpose, it catches dust, debris and prevents germs. Remember, you should never use cotton swabs in your child’s ears.

More than 200 individuals have come forward alleging sexual abuse by Boy Scouts of America leaders. Talk to your kids about boundaries and make it clear that it's always okay to say if something doesn't seem right.

In honor of #AutismAwarenessMonth, today we’re introducing you to five kids and the friendships they’ve made at @MarcusAutism.

"One year ago, our son Kamden had the surgery that saved his life. We spent a month at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. and every single person we encountered was amazing. Not only did they love and care about our child, but they also made sure we, as parents, were comforted.”

17-year-old Lauren was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 12. Now, she has a passion to research type 1 diabetes and follow a path in medicine:

Babies will start to cry more at about 2 weeks old, peak around 2 months, then get better by 5 months. We promise, that the crying will stop.

When Aubrey was undergoing treatment for brain cancer, she kept her sights on getting back to dance. Read her story to learn more.

Cultural factors can impact how autism is understood, interpreted and accepted in different communities. Read about it here →

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