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Does your child participate in sports? We are recruiting healthy children, ages 8-18, for a research study at the Motion Analysis Laboratory. Involves one 3-dimensional sports assessment which takes approx 2hrs. Learn more:

Levi loves the spaghetti and meatballs at St. Jude, and when he's home, he loves playing outside. “I can't even imagine where we'd be if it weren't for St. Jude," Levi's mom said. "It's life-changing. It's been a huge blessing for our family."

Meeting Aria you’d never know anything was wrong — she’s a happy 2.5-year-old girl. But at 3 months, she was diagnosed with PHACE Syndrome, a rare series of conditions affecting the heart, arteries, brain and/or eyes. Despite her cardiac issues, Aria continues to thrive.

Very cool way to find clinical trials

Twitter feed video.Very cool way to find clinical trials
Cancer Institute NSW@cancerNSW

Find cancer clinical trials in NSW on your phone: The refreshed Cancer Institute NSW #clinicaltrials portal brings together updated listings from across the state every day.

Thank you to @Fred_Meyer for donating $27,000 to support uncompensated care at last weekend’s annual Teddy Bear Toss with the @SeattleTbirds. We're skating toward the weekend full of gratitude! 🏒 🐻 #ThankfulThursday

#Depression is a common and serious form of a childhood mental disorder. It is more severe than normal sadness. It can interfere with a child's energy, concentration, sleep and appetite. And it can go on for weeks, months or even longer.

Did you know we have online urgent care visits? All you need is $49 and a Wi-Fi signal to get connected to a pediatrician anywhere, anytime. Check out the following page on our website and get connected in minutes:

Relationship abuse and sexual violence are common in adolescence. A new study @JAMAPediatrics reports positive outcomes following a prevention program. #adolescence #violenceprevention

Congratulations Dylan! We can't wait to see what the first grade holds for you.

Twitter feed video.Congratulations Dylan! We can't wait to see what the first grade holds for you.
Cheryl Preheim@CherylPreheim

Imagine waiting in the hospital 358 days; hoping for a call that you get a 2nd chance at life.

This update is a long time coming!

Happy to share that Dylan Nettles has a new heart & moving towards his goal of going to 1st grade w/ his friends. #BraveConquersFear #11Alive

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