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Ella was born with a large port wine birthmark — they’re generally harmless, but not always. They can be a sign of a serious condition. She has been receiving monthly laser treatments to fade it and halfway through treatment the birthmark is already almost completely gone.

1 in 4 babies born with a congenital heart defect will need surgery or other procedures within the first year of life. Learn more about congenital heart defects: #NCHHeart #HeartMonth

Join us in honoring #ICCD2020! At 15, Brandon was treated for #leukemia by our pediatric bone marrow team. Now, he’s been cancer-free for 21 years and works as a physician assistant on the team that treated him over two decades ago. #beatingchildhoodcancer @WorldSIOP

Thank you @Humankindvideos for recognizing our little fighters. #ChildhoodCancer

Twitter feed video.Thank you @Humankindvideos for recognizing our little fighters. #ChildhoodCancer

He got a much-deserved standing ovation from his classmates after winning a three-year battle with cancer. ❤️

Shortly after being born, doctors discovered Jiraiya had an intestinal malrotation — his intestines were rotated — and his appendix was on the opposite side of his body. At 4 days old, Dr. Amy Wagner performed surgery to fix his intestines and remove his appendix. Go Jiraiya!

For the 12th year in a row, Mike and Nicole Alstott and @M_A_F_F helped our patients and families celebrate Valentine's Day with a "Stuff-N-Fluff" party. Our patients were able to create and outfit their very own stuffed animal friend! 🐯🐸🐱🦉

Are you 18 or older and were born with a craniofacial condition? Take this survey to tell us about your medical care experiences, so we can help other patients and families:

Most new breastfeeding moms don’t know if they are making enough milk. They often want to SEE the milk to know how much the baby is getting. However, you can know your baby is getting enough milk if they are satisfied after nursing, and making wet and dirty diapers.

Thanks to @TheRealStaley and the @ChicagoBears for delivering cards and gifts to patients at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge. We wish you all a BEARy Happy #ValentinesDay ! 🐻💓 #happyvalentines2020

Patients at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge were surprised with cards & gifts from @TheRealStaley & the @ChicagoBears for #ValentinesDay. #happyvalentines2020

In the garden, this patient blossoms. Get a glimpse into the tiny moments that tell the larger story of "All we do. All for kids." >>

Roses are red, violets are blue,
We’re spreading some love, with cheer cards from you.
Watch volunteers deliver #valentines – and smiles on cue! #HereItsDifferent #HappyValentinesDay

This is Naomi’s first Valentines Day, and her mom wasn’t going to let it slip by without a special outfit to celebrate in the NICU. ♥️ Happy Valentine’s Day!

Seven minutes. When Hunter's heart suddenly stopped beating, seven minutes were all that stood between him and his life. Read this blog post to learn what happened during those critical minutes and the years of hard work that made it all possible.

Our cardiac team was feeling the❤️at the Capitol this week! Heart patients, their families and our staff donned their best red and gathered to celebrate an official proclamation declaring Feb. 7-14 Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week in Georgia.

Infants with an older sibling with autism spectrum disorder may be able to join a new study on social brain development led by @fshic, @PBSLab_Webb and @DAChristakis. Learn more about WONDER.

As we head into the holiday weekend, here is important information every parent should know: Urgent Care vs Emergency Room - which is right for your child. #urgentcare #emergencyroom

Room sharing (NOT bed sharing) with your baby for the first 6 months can reduce the risk of SIDS by 50%. Follow the ABCs of #SafeSleep - Alone, Back, Crib. Every baby. Every sleep. Watch this video from @CelebrateOne to learn more about safe sleep:

Overheard in a patient room about #PrescriptionPet Nella:

Five-year-old patient: "My heart is fainting."
Mom: "What do you mean?"
Patient: "My heart is fainting with happiness because she is so cute.”

We couldn't agree more, kid.

That smile says it all. Thank you to everyone who showed up at our hospitals to support our patients and families during Lights of Love.

Two years ago, Ivanna saw lights from her hospital room while waiting on a lifesaving transplant. Her family received “the call” later that evening. Tonight her family returned once more to Lights of Love with flashlight in hand—this time on the other side of the hospital window.

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