It's day TWO of #AllyCon and our Allies are up and ready to learn more on how we can screen, care, and cure #ColorectalCancer! #Boston #Conference

. @DarrenMillarAM speaking to our patient representatives Tracey and Linda about the support available for those with secondary breast cancer in Wales. #wearitpink

Thank you @LlyrGruffydd and @JennyRathbone for joining us at the Welsh Assembly for our #wearitpink photocall to discuss the issues affecting those with secondary breast cancer.

Researchers have identified a protein called CD24 that may be a new target for cancer #immunotherapy: #CancerCurrents @amirabarkal

How a small gesture of support by nurse L.J. Boholst made a lasting impression on Jacquiela Dorsey during #pancreaticcancer treatment: #CancerMoonshot #endcancer

Today we’re at the @AssemblyWales for our annual #wearitpink photocall. We will be meeting with Assembly Members to discuss our upcoming campaign on secondary breast cancer and how they can help those living with the disease in Wales.

Some women with endometrial cancer may be able to receive less intensive treatment—chemotherapy and no radiation—without increasing the risk of the disease recurring within 5 years:

According to new CDC data, #HPV vaccine can prevent an estimated 92% of cancers caused by HPV virus. Read more from @CDCMMWR:

Ending Day 1 of #AllyCon with a 'Totally Awesome 80s Party' with our allies! Stay tuned for pics! #ColorectalCancer #Conference #Boston

Dr. @sophia_kamran and her team from the Mass General Cancer Center present a study on the prospective validation of SNPs as predictors of rectal toxicity following #radiation therapy for #prostatecancer #ASTRO19

Lorraine Drapek, DNP, and other Mass General Cancer Center doctors, have a poster on display that mimics her talk this morning about sexual health in women who received pelvic radiation #ASTRO19

"I want to make sure no other family has to experience what we experienced." At just 3 months old, both of The Breyfogles' twins were diagnosed with acute myeloid #leukemia (#AML). Their story is one of heartbreak & inspirational resolve. ❤️ Learn more:

New Test Predicts Risk of #CervicalCancer in HPV-Positive Women #tuesdaymotivation #HPV #womenshealth via @institutpasteur

“Patients often come to me afraid of radiation therapy, and, first and foremost, I seek to make them feel comfortable and at ease,” says radiation oncologist Dr. Stephen Chun. #ASTRO19 #endcancer

Sepsis is the body’s extreme response to an infection and is a life-threatening emergency. If you or someone you love has #cancer, take steps today to prevent an infection that could lead to sepsis: #SAM19

Here to introduce the #ColorectalCancerAlliance's Integrative Health & Wellness Program is @MarthaRaymondMA and our @coloncancermike! #AllyCon #Boston #Conference

The discovery by NCI researchers in the late 1990s of a protein that is altered in response to certain types of DNA damage has led to advances in both basic and #clinicalcancerresearch:

Abstract submission is open through October 18, 2019 for the upcoming conference "Chromatin & Cell Fate Decisions in Development, Aging & Cancer". #CCRConferences Learn more at:

We are delighted to welcome @rosadelauro @RepRoybalAllard @RepLoisFrankel to our @NCI_CCR_PedOnc lab #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth @NCIBillDahut @NIHDirector

Our second breakout session at #AllyCon is being led now by members of the Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies and Healthy Living! #ColorectalCancer #Conference #Boston

Must-read for #BloodCancer Awareness Month: How to Care for Older Adults With Blood Cancers #tuesdaymotivation #medtwitter via @DanaFarber

“Radiation has many pro-immune effects, but it can also elicit immunorepression...How to balance this is the holy grail of what our scientists are trying to find” - Mass General Cancer Center’s @AliceHoMD #ASTRO19

Dr. Alice Ho, the director of our breast radiation oncology program, is starting her presentation and will be discussing combining #radiotherapy and #immunotherapy to treat advanced/metastatic #breastcancer #ASTRO19

A quick 5 minute presentation on the study of pediatric #proton #radiotherapy of brain tumors led to Mass General Cancer Center’s Dr. Nicholas DeNunzio’s conclusions below #ASTRO19

Our Nation of Allies welcomes @Genentech to Boston! Looking forward to an amazing two days! #AllyCon #TomorrowCantWait #ColorectalCancer

Dr. Nicholas DeNunzio is presenting a study done at Mass General Cancer Center re: proton radiotherapy in pediatric brain tumors that require partial brain irradiation #ASTRO19

#AllyCon breakout sessions have now begun! The topics today will range from family history to navigating clinical trials. Follow along with us! #ColorectalCancer #Conference #Boston

September 24 is World Cancer Research Day. Raise awareness with stories about how individuals and organizations work together with patients and advocates to increase survival and decrease mortality. Read more here @WCRD24Sept #NCIFuture

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