While treatment options have improved for some multiple myeloma patients, there are still unmet needs for high-risk patients.

Through our Moon Shots Program, we’re working to develop new treatments for these patients: #CancerMoonshot #EndCancer

Multiple Myeloma Moon Shot

We're using immunotherapies and cellular therapies to fight high-risk multiple myeloma.

.@VirusesImmunity joins us tomorrow to discuss “Sex Differences in #COVID19 Immune Responses.” Tune in at 4:30 for this talk in the Kravis Women in Science Endeavor (WiSE) Symposium. #MSKScienceSpotlight

Do you know the symptoms of uterine cancer? Know the warning signs and pay attention to your body - get the Inside Knowledge today: #gyncsm

Kidney Retransplantation in Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma #medtwitter #health #cancer #sundaythoughts via @HopkinsMedicine

Avelumab Shows Potential to Cure Rare Gynecologic Cancer Resistant to #Chemotherapy #cancertreatment #sundaythoughts via @CHUdeLyon

Cancer survivors who keep a healthy weight and stay physically active have better survival outcomes and a better quality of life. Survivors, these tips can help you stay healthy during stressful times: #SelfCareSunday

New @ASCO Guideline to Treat SCC of Unknown Primary in the Head & Neck #skincancer #cancertreatment #medtwitter via @cityofhope

Hopefulness, mental health, and wellness counseling are vital for young Asian American cancer survivors. Read our interview with Dr. Anao Zhang:

Watch our latest Ally Interview w/ Gastroenterologist, Dr. Ugo Iroku @realDoctorUgo, to learn some important ways YOU can stay safe while visiting the doctors during #COVID19:

Free #MedEd download! Check out this #MultipleMyeloma chart with large annotated illustrations & easy-to-read features! #fridaythoughts #cancer

#SaturdayMorning Read: Check out our new issue--with updates on chemo-resistant #gynecologiccancer, HPV+ #throatcancer, videoconferencing in #cancer care, and more. #medtwitter #health

Today’s #SurvivorSaturday is for Jearlean, who's 50 years cancer-free! She was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma at 3 years old and has permanent ostomy bags. Now, she says, "I wear my survivorship proudly. It made me the woman I am today." Way to go, Jearlean! 👏👏👏 @jearleanpgb

When it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19, we’re all in this together. Wearing a mask is one of the most effective things we can all do to protect ourselves and our community. #WearAMaskSaveALife #EndCancer

Distancing, Testing & Isolation Stalled Hong Kong #COVID19 Outbreak #COVID19nCancer #medtwitter #saturdaythoughts

Medical Cannabis Use Among Individuals With #Cancer: Q & A with Dr. Shannon Nugent of @OHSUNews: #health #medtwitter

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