After being diagnosed with #vaginalcancer, Mary Taylor felt confused and upset. But an appointment with our @AnnKloppMD offered her hope: #endcancer

Sun protection isn’t just for the summer! Don’t forget sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher before you head out this #TakeAHikeDay —wear it year-round and for every outdoor activity you do. More tips on being sun safe:

When Stephen Weber was randomly assigned to the control group of a #clinicaltrial for #MDS, he was disappointed. Now, he says he’s happy to help other patients: #CancerMoonshot #endcancer

When Candace needed cancer treatment that was far from her house, she found a home away from home with the @ExtendedStay America Hotel Keys of Hope program. #StayStory

How Best to Treat Sleep Problems in Patients With Cancer: Q & A with Dr. Petra Voiss #sundaymotivation #patientcare #cancercare

Ease your anxiety by learning about chemo & what it entails. At our free workshop, Chemotherapy 101, nurses & pharmacists will provide information about chemotherapy & answer any questions. Family members & friends are welcome. Learn more:

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Learn more about #immunotherapy advances in Non-Small Cell #LungCancer. #LCAM #sundaythoughts via @SarahCannonDocs

Text a friend or family member to invite them for a hike this #TakeAHikeDay! Maintaining a healthy weight can help you lower your risk for up to 13 types of cancer and improve your overall health. Learn more about physical activity for a healthy weight:

Candace was diagnosed with Stage 4 #lungcancer at 29. For her, it was a shock: “I had the opinion that most of the time, lung cancer came from smoking or 2nd hand smoke. It’s not just a smokers' disease…” If you’ve been diagnosed, we’re here for you:

Our cancer patients need about 200 units of red blood cells every day, and we depend on blood donors to provide them.

Learn how to donate to MD Anderson Blood Bank: #endcancer

Our vision is to create a world where no Canadian fears cancer. We know that working together is the only way we can achieve all that we do. Thanks to supporters and partners, like @F4PCanada and TAMCO, for giving back to help make a difference. See how you can get involved too!

Are you looking for an organization to give to this #GivingTuesday? The @CCAlliance has a 4-star rating on @CharityNav! Choose us as your charity of choice on Tuesday, December 3!

As you'll have seen, we launched our new brand this week, and the feedback has been amazing! We've been telling you that the first step in #cancerresearch is the most important, but what sort of research do we fund? Find out here 👉 #TheFirstStep

Genetic changes that cause cancer can be inherited or can arise during a person’s lifetime as a result of errors that occur as cells divide or because of damage to DNA caused by certain environmental exposures:

“I truly believe we will turn the tide against this disease,” says @Aiims1742, co-leader of our #PancreaticCancer Moon Shot: #CancerMoonshot #endcancer

Be mindful of stigma when supporting #LungCancer survivors. Instead of asking them if they smoked, ask how they are handling their diagnosis. Find more ways to offer your support: #LungCancerAwarenessMonth

Thanks to all who joined us at our Connect + Learn Survivorship Event at MD Anderson League City today. Attendees got insight from our experts, learned about nutrition and created beautiful art. #endcancer

We couldn’t do this without the support from our incredible #UndyRunWalk ally volunteers & sponsors!TY to @Bannermdandersn & #PeoriaHighSchool volunteers! #PhoenixUndyRunWalk

Glad to announce that the Department of Pathology, Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre is awarded "Exemplary Services Award" for making #PathologyEducation learning more enjoyable and less challenging.

#BMCHRC #CancerHospital #CancerTreatment #CancerAwareness

We've absolutely loved seeing everyone's pictures from our first step locations around Glasgow and Edinburgh. If you visit any of the steps, we'd love it if you shared them with us! 💛 #TheFirstStep #WorldwideCancerResearch

“My patients are almost like family to me,” says #radiation oncologist Dr. Lauren Mayo.

Here, she shares how she helps ensure our patients are receiving exceptional care. #endcancer

Join us on November 21 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a presentation on understanding lung cancer. The presentation will be held in Room 308 at the Combs Cancer Research Building on @UKMarkey's campus. To register or for more information contact Joan Scales at 859-323-1403.

Don't miss our latest issue--with updates on #BreastCancer Risk and #MinorityHealth, Q & A with @ASCO President Dr. Howard Burris, and more. Read it here: #saturdaymotivation #cancer

Phoenix Allies, fuel up after the #Undy today at @LosSombrerosAZ! Los Sombreros has agreed to donate 20% of all proceeds made between 11AM-4PM today to the @CCAlliance Visit the link to their website here:

Thinking of buying a house? Make sure you test your new home for radon. Learn about the 2nd leading cause of #LungCancer and how you can reduce your risk:

Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes too many immature lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell):

Brilliant and clear insights and coverage of #ImpeachingHearing from @MiekeEoyang —thank you! Hope to continue to hear from you on the @NewsHour

Twitter feed video.Brilliant and clear insights and coverage of #ImpeachingHearing from @MiekeEoyang —thank you! Hope to continue to hear from you on the @NewsHour
Third Way@ThirdWayTweet

.@ThirdWayNatSec's @MiekeEoyang explains the link between Russia and the current #ImpeachmentInquiry ⬇️

By “painting” radiation doses layer by layer, @MDAProtons targets tumors and spares healthy tissue: @SJFrankMD #endcancer

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