Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide, accounting for 1.8 million new cases in a given year. But help is available. Read our free booklet for information on treatment decision making, managing treatment side effects and more.

Patients treated by surg oncs benefit from both the discussion of their treatment plans by multidisciplinary care teams, as well as the access to innovative treatment protocols. Learn about the Mass General Cancer Center's Division of Surgical Oncology:

19-year-old, stage III #colorectalcancer survivor’s advice to other #AYAcancer patients: “Don’t freak out.” #crcsm #CancerMoonshot #endcancer

Need a fast and simple way to find national, state, and county-level cancer data? Check out CDC’s Cancer #DataViz tool this #NationalCancerControlMonth:

According to @AmericanCancer, an estimated 101,420 cases of #ColonCancer and 44,180 cases of #RectalCancer will be diagnosed in the US in 2019. #Statistics #Cancer #ColorectalCancer

Using a notebook can help with coping with #chemobrain.

Here are some other ways to deal with this #cancer side effect: #endcancer

After being diagnosed with #ovariancancer, Iris Martinez has made it a goal to share her story and to be a voice for those who don't have one. Read more of Iris's inspiring story here:

Latest clinical trial from @NCICCR_MIP tests new imaging method for metastatic #ProstateCancer. Learn more: @NCIResearchCtr

LAST CALL!!! JOIN our free webinar to learn about immunotherapy-related toxicities. Register now! #cancertreatment #wellnesswednesday #MedEd

I just feel like I look like everyone else. And this has just changed things for the better.

MSK’s mission is twofold: curing people of cancer and returning them to as normal a life as possible.

🏃🏻‍♂️ Meet our runner Freddie, pictured at our #LondonMarathon Expo Stand earlier today. His mum has run the race before, and her top tip is to not stop! Mum always knows best Freddie! #ThanksABillion

Today is Administrative Professionals Day! At Karmanos, we have some of the best. Today and every day, we appreciate all they do.

Thank you to our fantastic team! #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay #YourBestChance

Are you up to date on your screenings? Cervical cancer occurs most often in women over 30 years old, but all women should start screening at age 21. Learn more: #WellnessWednesday

With a 200-bed hospital, 14 clinics and more, @NIHClinicalCntr is the nation's largest hospital totally dedicated to clinical research. Learn about Pediatric Nursing career here. #NIHHospitalNursingCareers

Celebrating #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay today! We thank you all - our researchers wouldn't be able to focus on their science without your assistance!! #ThankYou

Like all treatment options, clinical trials have possible benefits and risks. Find information you can use when making your decision about whether taking part in a trial is right for you.

An experimental CAR T-cell therapy may have potential as a treatment for several types of #ChildhoodCancer, results from a recent study in mice suggest: #immunotherapy

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