For #MantraMonday, @ginatorres shares the words she tells herself when something seems to get in the way of good fortune: https://t.co/alqXcpWleF

An #HIV-neg man had nonproductive cough & erosive oral mucosal & penile lesions. Mycoplasma pneumoniae titers were elevated but results of CXR & other lab tests, including STI, bacterial, & viral cultures of the lesions were all negative. What is the dx? https://t.co/Rf1yiqIfMM

It’s important to dress with sun-protective clothing to keep yourself safe from #SkinCancer. Make an appointment at our Mount Sinai Health Concourse for your free skin cancer screening: https://t.co/g022eHtIao #AspenIdeasHealth #LiveFromAspen #AspenIdeas

Abnormal blood vessels in the brain, while rare, may require treatment to restore healthy function. A brain arteriovenous malformation (#AVM) is when vessels are tangled, enlarged and weakened, with symptoms often appearing in young people. #BrainAVM https://t.co/LuHl0Q0kWv

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